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World Travel Gear List

World Travel Gear – Complete Packing List with Weight of Each Item

Here's a list of the items I travel with. This is all of the world travel gear you need to embark on any adventure. Ditch your huge suitcase.
Arc'teryx Brize 32 Backpack - Blackvideo

Arc’teryx Brize 32 Backpack – Unboxing and Initial Review

The Arc'teryx Brize 32 Backpack is the latest addition to my world travel gear. Its minimal design is perfect for world travel and hiking.

Best Travel Tripods – I Carry the Manfrotto Compact Light & Pixi Mini

The Manfrotto Compact Light & Pixi Mini are perfect tripods for amateur photographers & world travelers. They're compact, sturdy, & well made.

Indiana Gear Bag by Saddleback Leather – One-Year Review

Here's a one-year review of my Indiana Gear Bag by Saddleback Leather. I decided to film the review while on the go from Thailand to the UAE.
Indiana Gear Bagvideo

Indiana Gear Bag After Nine Months of Everyday Carry – Saddleback Leather

I've been carrying the Indiana Gear Bag every day since I got it nine months ago. It's a great piece of gear. Here's a quick video update with the details.
How to Travel and Pack Light for Southeast Asia What to Bring and The Shit You Do Not Need

How to Travel & Pack Light for Southeast Asia – What to Bring &...

What should you pack for Southeast Asia? First of all, pack light & only carry one backpack! Travel tips from a Thailand Expat & veteran traveler.
Best Sunglasses for the World Traveler - Wiley X Arrow - Reviewvideo

Best Sunglasses for the World Traveler – Wiley X Arrow – Review

Whether you're traveling to a dusty environment or riding motorbikes through Thailand, Wiley X makes the best sunglasses & eye pro for the world traveler.
Best Travel Clothing for Tropical Environments - Insect Repellent + Pickpocket Proof + Sun Protectionvideo

Best Travel Clothing for Tropical Environments – Insect Repellent + Pickpocket Proof + Sun...

It's important to have the best travel clothing when navigating through tropical environments. I wear shirts made by Craghoppers and pants from Columbia.
Sony RX100 V Unboxing Videovideo

Sony RX100 V Unboxing Video – Quick Overview of What’s Included

Here's a quick 4-minute video of the Sony RX100 V Unboxing. I purchased the RX100 while traveling in Abu Dhabi. So far, it's the best camera I've owned!
Houseboat - Abu Dhabi - Sony RX100 V

Sony RX100 V – What I Learned During the First Day of Shooting +...

I just purchased the Sony RX100 V, which is turning out to be the best camera I've ever owned. Here's what I learned during the first day of shooting.

Indiana Gear Bag by Saddleback Leather – Review

The Indiana Gear Bag from Saddleback Leather is a necessity for the extreme world traveler. Hike jungles, run through airports, & survive any adventure.
Saddleback Leather Clutch Purse Medium Tobacco Review Women Ladies Outdoors Travel

Saddleback Leather Clutch Purse – Review

What's the best gift you can get for your wife? Try the Saddleback Leather Clutch Purse in Medium. Here's a man's review and why I bought one for my lady.

Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase – Review

A detailed review and opinion of the Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase in Carbon Black. The best briefcase for the CEO or the World Traveler. Rugged Luxury.

Saddleback Leather Classic Briefcase – Review

Crossing an international border is always a unique experience. Traveling with a Saddleback Leather Classic Briefcase makes the trip more interesting.
Best Cheap Travel Wallet Tyvek

Best CHEAP Travel Wallet for Extreme Adventures

The best travel wallet is something that doesn't even resemble a wallet in the first place. Here's the best CHEAP travel wallet for extreme adventures.

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