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Current Events

Brice’s Cross Roads National Battlefield Site & W.M. Browning Cretaceous Fossil Park #Mississippi

Folks, here's a long walking tour of Brice's Cross Roads National Battlefield Site located near Baldwyn, Mississippi.

Family Reunion on the Fourth of July

It was good to see family members, many of whom I haven't seen in years.

Clay’s House of Pig – Tupelo, Mississippi – #BARBECUE

If you're anywhere near Tupelo, Mississippi, make sure you stop in and eat at Clay's House of Pig. They call it C.H.O.P. for short.

Florida to Biloxi, Mississippi – Now Headed North

After a night's rest in the car, I headed out to Biloxi. It was tempting to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel but at the last minute, I bailed out and headed North.

Just Spending Time with Family and Hanging Out on the Ranch

Ain't nothing like hanging out with family, my friends. Join us for some good times down on the ranch.

Driving to Panama City Beach & Eating a Shrimp Sandwich at Pompano Joe’s in Destin

I planned to spend a night in Panama City Beach, Florida, so I could have a few drinks at Pineapple Willy's.

Driving for the First Time in Years and Lunch at The Waffle House

It's been a few years and several thousand beers since I've driven a car. I'm used to riding in the back like Donald Trump. Let's see if I can get a tune out of this trombone.

Leaving Nashville

We had a great time in Nashville, Tennessee, my friends. It's time to roll out to the next destination on this little road trip across America.

Nashville, Tennessee

We spent a couple of days in Nashville, Tennessee.


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