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Current Events

The Man From Earth – MOVIE Review

I watched a good movie a few night's ago. It's called The Man From Earth. It certainly invoked thought in my mind about several topics.

LOCKDOWN DAY 81 – Review of Our New Tent from Ace Hardware $22 USD

I'm looking forward to camping out on the beach as soon as this lockdown ends.

LOCKDOWN DAY 80 – Visit to Olongapo Immigration Office – 30 Days to Renew Visa After Enhanced Community Quarantine Ends

The policy says that if your visa expires during the lockdown, you have 30 days to update it ONCE the Enhanced Community Quarantine is lifted.

LOCKDOWN DAY 75 – This Will Be My LAST Cooking Show

I'm not doing any more cooking shows, my friends. That's all I've got to say about that.

LOCKDOWN DAY 73 – Filipina Wife #1 and Filipina Girlfriend #1 LOVE My Homemade Biscuits!

I made some delicious homemade rolls that look and taste more like biscuits. The ladies loved them.

#LOCKDOWN DAY 71 – FIVE Minutes of My Trip to Subic Town

Went up to Ace Hardware and bought some camping gear.


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