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Current Events

WE ARE #LIVE! #LIVESTREAM from the Bunker of the Penthouse Suite!

Join us for videoke. Coming to you LIVE from the bunker of the Penthouse Suite!

Over the Mountain and Across the River to Baloy Beach We Go!

Filipina Wife #1 and I went for a stroll over the mountain and took a ferry to Baloy Beach.

Videoke LIVE from the Philippines with Faye, Julie, Wife #1, & Janice

Join us for a hoot-nanny of a good time, my friends. Coming to you LIVE from the bunker of the Penthouse Suite overlooking Times Square.

13 Random Video Clips of Our Life in the Philippines

Here's a collage of 13 random video clips put together to paint a picture of our life here in the Philippines.

FINAL End of the GoPro Hero 8 Black

The GoPro is still bricked and this time I can't get it to work.

Walk Around Barrio Barretto on a Saturday Evening

I went for a long walk around Barrio Barretto last Saturday.

Filipina Wife #1 Complains About My Coconut Pork Soup? NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Join us for a spectacular episode of our world-famous Outdoor Cooking Show.

Evening Walk with Filipina Wife #1

Join us for a walk around the neighborhood, my friends. Take a look at everyday life in the Philippines.


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