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Current Events

Trike Ride to Subic Town – Subic Public Market

I jumped in the Lambo and rolled up to Subic Town. Picked up a kilo of shrimp for 380 Pesos, 4 lemons for 50 Pesos, and a watermelon for 180 pesos.

#LIVE Cooking Show from Times Square

We're cooking shrimp, chicken, and fish.

Saturday Night Barbecue on the Balcony of the Penthouse Suite

Ate Fe took over the grill and barbecued them pork chops and the bird to perfection!

Can We Make Supper for 116 Pesos ($2.39 USD)? #CostOfLiving #Philippines

I figured we could make a darn good supper for $2.39 USD here in the Philippines.

Two More Subscribers Earn First-Class Tickets to the Asshole Corral

After multiple complaints from folks here on the channel, I was forced to send two more subscribers to the Asshole Corral.

Forrest G. Goes to the U.S. Embassy in Manila!

We finally got an appointment at the U.S. Embassy in Manila to complete Forrest G.'s Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA).

Short Trike Ride After a Good Rain in the Philippines

I took a quick ride in the Lamborghini to see if I could get a tune out of a trombone in Barrio Barretto.

Filipina Wife Wants Fried Chicken for Supper! Outdoor Cooking with Cast Iron

That chicken tasted better than coconut cake, my friends.


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