Business Inquiries

If you’re interested in having me star in your movie or host a prime-time, unscripted travel show, here’s how you get in touch with me so I know you’re for real. Click the magic button below and send me $500 U.S. dollars along with your contact information. I’ll call you.

I Got Business With the KING

Mailing Address

Want to send the ladies and babies a balikbayan box? Need us to review a product and provide an honest assessment? Send it, my friends.

Philippines Mailing Address:

Fatima Conchas
Purok Gumamela
Sitio Tunga
Barangay Dalingding Sur
Municipality of Medellin
Cebu Province
Philippines 6012
Cell # 0929 541 6895

U.S.A. Mailing Address:

Mark Blackard
5232 NE 152nd Place
Account No. 56-297405
Portland, Oregon 97230
Telephone # 650-873-0750

Australia Mailing Address:

Mark Blackard
Unit 12
77 Newton Road
Account No. 56-297405
Wetherill Park, NSW, Australia 2164
Telephone # 04-0808-8617

U.K. Mailing Address:

Mark Blackard
Unit 6 Ashford Business Complex
166 Feltham Road
Account No. 56-297405
Ashford, Surrey, U.K. TW151YQ
Telephone # 079-3899-2670

My PayPal Link

If you’d like to contribute to our efforts via PayPal, please accept my sincere thanks up front. I won’t be sending a thank you email and here’s why:

I want to focus on making videos. Period. I’m a one-man production crew most of the time and my editing skills suck. It takes me all day to edit a video. Add two babies, a house full of beautiful Filipinas causing me stress, and I just don’t have time to answer every piece of communication coming my way. I got rid of Patreon and a monthly income because I didn’t have the time to properly thank and interact with everyone. A thank you email created and sent by an intern ain’t sincere in my book. It’s more sincere if I just say thank you for your contribution now because it’s really me typing these words. If you’re cool with that, here’s the PayPal link:

Donate via PayPal

Personal Inquiries & Fan Email

Folks, feel free to send me a message. Just subscribe to my mailing list and reply to the email you receive. However, I have to be honest. It will probably go unanswered. These days I am getting a thousand pieces of communication coming my way per day. I physically can no longer read, nor reply to every message. It’s the price of a little bit of fame. Someone will probably read your message and if they determine it to be life and death, it will get to me. If you’re an old friend trying to get in touch, leave some details so my ladies know you’re for real.