17 Travel Photos – Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase – Carbon Black

Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase Travel Photos - No Lifeguard on Duty - Philippines

The Thin Briefcase by Saddleback Leather is a great piece of gear for the world traveler. The darn thing comes with a 100-year warranty!

Be sure to read my review on the Thin Briefcase when you get a chance.

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1A Sandy Beach in the Philippines on a Hot Day

My MacBook Air stayed cool inside the Thin Briefcase while I was soaking up the rays. Leather is a great insulator and protects your electronics from the heat.

2Riding on the Motorbike – Philippines

The Thin Briefcase fit perfect on this little motorbike.

3Riding an Elephant in Thailand

Elephants are a big part of Thai culture & history.

4Riding on a Small Pump Boat – Philippines

These small boats carry people, motorbikes, and anything else you can wrestle on board.

5Secured with the Strap While I Swim – Philippines

Use the shoulder strap and lash the bag to a fixed object for security.

6Perfect Fit for the Cramped Van – Philippines Travel

The Thin Briefcase fit perfect between the seats during this packed-out van ride.

7Cave Exploring – Philippines

You can swim in this small cave.

8No Lifeguard on Duty – Philippines

Nothing like having the beach all to yourself.

9Relaxing in a Hammock – Thailand

Some days you just have to forget that time exists.

10Fixing the Motorbike Throttle with a Piece of String – Philippines

We were back underway in about ten minutes.

11Beachfront Cabana – Philippines

This quiet little bamboo cabana made a great place to work on the laptop.

12Riding on the Ferry – Philippines

The ferry is a cheap and efficient way to travel around the Philippines. It’s always an adventure and much more exciting than taking a flight.

13All Scratched Up and So Many Places to Go – Philippines

The scratches and scars tell a story. Makes the briefcase look even better.

14So Close to the Edge – Pump Boat – Philippines

A few splashes of seawater won’t hurt it.

15Backpack Mode

The briefcase easily converts into a backpack.

16This Durable Handle Ain’t Coming Off

The briefcase is built like a tank.

17Taking a Break in the Shade – Philippines

Relaxing in the shade of the cabana.


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