18K GOLD Subscribers
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18K GOLD Subscribers

I was on the bus the other day from Angeles City to Olongapo with my new friend from California. (He recognized me while we were waiting for the bus at SM Clark.) I looked down at my phone and it said 17,999 subscribers on the YouTube Studio app. A few minutes later I hit refresh on the channel and I was staring at 18K GOLD!

This video is just to say thanks to everyone here on our channel who watches our videos, listens to my voice, sits through these pesky google ads, leaves a thumbs up / down, leaves a positive / negative comment, sends SUPERCHAT funds, sends Paypal funds, purchases gear through our affiliate links, and subscribes to our show. We certainly appreciate all of the support, my friends. It’s been a wild ride so far and we’re just getting started.


This video was filmed on the #GoPro Hero 8 Black in 4K at 30 FPS and edited with Final Cut Pro. The audio most of the time, AIN’T THAT GREAT because we were on an uphill slope and the motorcycle engine’s squirrels were WOUND OUT at full steam. Plus, I had the Wind Noise Reduction setting to ON. Life ain’t perfect, my friends. The audio is straight out of the camera without any adjustments or enhancements. Overall, the GoPro does a pretty good job with the internal microphones. From now on, I will keep the Wind Reduction Setting to OFF. If you use the AUTO setting, it YoYo’s the levels too much. The ON position muffles the audio as seen/heard in this video.