Let me show you around my new condo here in the Philippines. The rent is 1,500 Pesos per month, which is about $28 U.S. dollars. It’s a five-minute walk to the beach!

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  1. My first time watching. I like! And i like your style, your content and your condo. I want! I live in Thailand but will soon be moving to Philippines. Now that i know, i will be looking for a condo like yours. Take care.

  2. i enjoyed watching your video mark,i have done a lot of backpacking in the past and visited a lot of south east asia on a shoestring the cheapest place i ever got was in colver beach in goa at $3 per night and that was over 30 years ago i think you got a great deal there.looking forward to seeing more of your videos .be lucky… pete.

  3. What’s up bro? I’m moving to Taiwan on 11/28 but am interested in traveling to the phillippnes for a few weeks and would love to party with you! Lol

  4. I’m a lady and I say to my hubby “ let’s get rid of all our stuff, and move to some other country and live cheap so we CAN LIVE. “ He looks at me like I’m crazy! I’m not, I just have a different mind set and view of things and he’s just not there yet.
    I’ll get him out of this materlistic, 9-5 hell hole soon enough!

  5. Isola,

    Good luck with convincing your husband to give up materialism. It’s hard for most people because we’ve been conditioned to it since we were born.

    I hope one day you and your husband get to experience the simple life. Having the time to actually enjoy life and being free from debt are the most rewarding things a person can possess.


  6. Hey Bro
    Are there other condos like that in our area? How did you do about finding that needle in a haystack? lol

  7. Man,

    Just get you a Filipina and tell her to start asking around. Make sure nobody knows that she has a foreign guy in the mix or the price will triple. Let her negotiate the rent, pay the rent, and get the key. Then, you move in.


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