$28 USD Per Month Condo in the Philippines – Near the Beach!

Let me show you around my new condo here in the Philippines. The rent is 1,500 Pesos per month, which is about $28 U.S. dollars. It’s a five-minute walk to the beach!


  1. My first time watching. I like! And i like your style, your content and your condo. I want! I live in Thailand but will soon be moving to Philippines. Now that i know, i will be looking for a condo like yours. Take care.

  2. i enjoyed watching your video mark,i have done a lot of backpacking in the past and visited a lot of south east asia on a shoestring the cheapest place i ever got was in colver beach in goa at $3 per night and that was over 30 years ago i think you got a great deal there.looking forward to seeing more of your videos .be lucky… pete.

  3. What’s up bro? I’m moving to Taiwan on 11/28 but am interested in traveling to the phillippnes for a few weeks and would love to party with you! Lol

  4. I’m a lady and I say to my hubby “ let’s get rid of all our stuff, and move to some other country and live cheap so we CAN LIVE. “ He looks at me like I’m crazy! I’m not, I just have a different mind set and view of things and he’s just not there yet.
    I’ll get him out of this materlistic, 9-5 hell hole soon enough!

  5. Isola,

    Good luck with convincing your husband to give up materialism. It’s hard for most people because we’ve been conditioned to it since we were born.

    I hope one day you and your husband get to experience the simple life. Having the time to actually enjoy life and being free from debt are the most rewarding things a person can possess.


  6. Hey Bro
    Are there other condos like that in our area? How did you do about finding that needle in a haystack? lol

  7. Man,

    Just get you a Filipina and tell her to start asking around. Make sure nobody knows that she has a foreign guy in the mix or the price will triple. Let her negotiate the rent, pay the rent, and get the key. Then, you move in.


  8. Hi Mark,
    thoroughly enjoyed your very informative video. My mate has been living in AC now for nearly 30 years. ( Aged 70 now living of a Australian aged pension ) He currently lives in a converted short time hotel that is just of MacArthur Hwy, I think its opposite Johnie’s supermarket. Rent is about $450 AUD a quarter.
    Anyway he is talking about moving back to Subic area ( he previously lived there in 1990/1991 prior to Pinatubo blowing a load.
    Could you please advise me with some details of where he could find lodging of a similar cost to yours in the general area of Barrio Baretto or nearby.

    Thanks Tony

  9. Yo Mark!
    I enjoyed your video. I was moved to tears by your peaceful satisfaction and happiness with such a simple life in the beautiful country of the Philippines. I am a 62 yr old African American male USAF vet planning to retire as an expat. I hope to meet you during my visit this April. I have met a beautiful 47 yr old widow. I believe that she will appreciate me more than my spoiled ex wife who took me for granted for 35 years.
    May the Eternal Light of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ forever shine on you and your family. Take care!

  10. Tony, To get the cheap local prices, he just needs to put a Filipina to the task of finding him a place. The cheap spots are usually just word of mouth or a cardboard sign out in front of the house. My Filipina and her sister found the $28 beach condo. As a foreigner without some local help, it’s difficult to find rooms that cheap.

  11. Kamusta, Akay ci Peter from Canada I am a International Canadian Photographer and have taught photography from Colombia to Smokey Mountain in Manila to the youth. . Through out all my travel, you do not learn about their country big living in costly apt or hotel. My wife is Philippine too. I like to go there for a month , I see by your video that you are a photographer as well. I like to come and stay a month there . Where are you located outside of Cebu
    Peter Piel Spence


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