5 Days on Burgos Street in Makati, Philippines – The Grand Tour

Here’s a look at my stay on Burgos Street, Makati, Philippines. Featured locations include The Filling Station Restaurant, The Royal Bellagio Hotel, and Ringside Bar. There’s a lot of graphic language in this video due to excessive alcohol consumption. Viewer discretion is advised.

Disclaimers: If you’re looking for scenes from inside the GoGo’s via hidden camera, this video ain’t that type of movie. Go somewhere else because I don’t do that type of shit. If you want, you can give the video a thumbs down because I didn’t focus on the GoGo bars. You’re not going to hurt my feelings. There’s more to Burgos Street than just the GoGo bars. The only footage with scantily clad girls was shot at Ringside Bar during midget and Filipina boxing. The ladies are aware that customers are taking video, and most of the time the girls are filming as well and putting shit on Facebook. No bar girls were harmed during the making of this video.

For my subscribers: This video was shot in 4K at 24 FPS. It’s the same frame rate as they use in film / the movies. I usually shoot in 60 FPS but decided to change it up for a few episodes. Let me know if you like the look and “feel” of this videography or think that 60 FPS in the previous videos looks better. Thanks.

Royal Bellagio Hotel

Here’s some info from the hotel’s brochures:

Daily Specials:

  • Standard Room 1,999 PHP
  • Superior Room 2,650 PHP
  • Super Deluxe 4,200 PHP
  • Penthouse 10,500 PHP

Those rates include breakfast for two.


Royal Bellagio Hotel
5010 P. Burgos Street
Brgy. Poblacion Makati City
Metro Manila, Philippines 1210

Contact Numbers:

+63 2 899 5555
+63 2 890 8395
+63 2 895 1907