8K Walk up to Subic Town – It’s a BUSY Place Compared to Barrio Barretto #LOCKDOWN #QUARANTINE

Join me for a long walk up to the Waltermart in Subic Town.

I decided not to take a trike as public transportation is supposed to be suspended. I didn’t want any problems in case we got stopped at a Police checkpoint. Therefore, I just stepped it out and started pushing North. In no time I was trekking through Subic Town. I didn’t slow down until I hit the Waltermart on the North side of the city.

FYI: There were lines at every supermarket, bank, money sending place, the main market, etc.

While Barrio Barretto is currently a ghost town, Subic has a flurry of people and activity. If you plan to do any business or shopping in Subic, you need to allow yourself plenty of time in order to handle even one task. Go early, my friends.

There are apparently rumors and Fake News circulating on Facebook (according to the ladies) that the Lockdown could be extended and that they may do a total lockdown of all the banks, markets, etc. I haven’t read this because I’m not on Facebook and I don’t speak or read Tagalog. But, just for the historical record and to give you an idea of what people are talking about, I included that information at the beginning of the video.

I decided to venture out today because I needed to anyway, and to put the ladies’ minds at ease. Trust me, I don’t believe ANYTHING that gets posted on facebook. My Filipinas, their families, their friends, etc., believe EVERYTHING that gets posted on Facebook. It’s because most EVERYTHING here in the Philippines operates solely off of that one social media platform.

According to ABS-CBN News: “Posts circulating on social media about the extension of the 1-month lockdown of Luzon and military control are “fake news,” the spokesman of the government’s coronavirus response task force.”

“Ain’t nothing real on the Internet, Homie.”

This video was filmed on DAY 11 of the Luzon Enhanced Community Quarantine (March 27, 2020).