A Few Days in Vientiane, Laos

Vientiane, Laos

Here’s a walking tour of Vientiane. I hope you enjoy the video.

Best Place to Eat and Drink in Vientiane?

I spent a lot of time at the Chokdee Cafe – Belgian Beer Bar. That’s the best place to eat and drink in Vientiane.

Best Place to Stay in Vientiane?

The Tera Hotel is my new favorite place to stay in Vientiane, Laos. It’s a brand new building, everything is clean, security is solid, the staff are very friendly and they speak English. The WiFi is excellent. The rooms are top-notch quality. You won’t find a nicer hotel in Vientiane.

The walk-in rates are as follows:

  • $40 USD per night
  • Long Stay – 3 or more nights – $35 USD per night

A Few Photos of My Walking Tour:

Nam Phou Park
Nam Phou Park
Rue Pangkham
Rue Pangkham
Vientiane, Laos - Temples
Vientiane, Laos – Temples
Vientiane, Laos - Presidential Palace
Vientiane, Laos – Presidential Palace
Tera Hotel Vientiane Laos New Building
Tera Hotel
Chokdee Cafe - Belgian Beer Bar
Chokdee Cafe – Belgian Beer Bar
Chokdee Cafe - Belgian Beer Bar
Chokdee Cafe – Belgian Beer Bar
Chokdee Cafe - Belgian Beer Bar - Belgian Beef Strew
Chokdee Cafe – Belgian Beer Bar – Belgian Beef Strew
Chokdee Cafe - Belgian Beer Bar - Chicken Cordon Bleu
Chokdee Cafe – Belgian Beer Bar – Chicken Cordon Bleu


  1. The security is excellent ? Gee , how great. That makes my trip a happy one. What would we do without tight security , in Laos , lol!!??
    Ps: am I reading this right ?
    You say the security is great. So I’m assuming you mean they will protect us against axe murderers , rapists , thieves
    , and the like , haha!!??
    I’m curious what kind of culture you are from and belief system you have about the world ( if I got your prognosis correct ).
    Thank you Mark.
    Please tell us what country and city you are from originally .

  2. Tim,

    “Am I reading this right?” I’m not sure if you even read this blurb of an article, my friend. Much less read it correctly. Lol!!! It’s simply a recommendation for a nice place to stay in Vientiane. How did we go from that, to the point that you’re asking about my culture, belief system, and where I’m from? From a hotel recommendation? A positive hotel recommendation? Really? Come on, man. WTF? Lol!!! You been drinking? I certainly have. I will take your comments seriously but I suspect you’re just being an ass. However, since this conversation is definitely more entertaining to my readers than the original article, I’ll offer an explanation and try to set your mind at ease…

    What I simply meant to convey is that you don’t have to worry about someone stealing shit out of your room. It’s a solid place with good people working there. I recommend it on all fronts and I trust the staff. Many readers here are first-time travelers and will ask about the “security” of a hotel or destination. It’s just the way it is so I comment on it. It doesn’t matter what country we’re talking about.

    Laos is one of the most peaceful countries I’ve ever traveled to. By using the word “security”, I certainly didn’t mean to imply that Laos is a dangerous place. It’s a beautiful, quiet country with wonderful people. The points you brought up sound like problems you may experience while visiting the United States of America. They’ve got a plethora of criminals and plenty of violence over there. That’s where I’m originally from, by the way. Now, I’m a citizen of the world.

    The word “security” is a term intertwined with travel whether we like it or not. Most of us are indeed concerned with “security” on some level because we don’t want our laptops getting ripped off when we leave the hotel room. If you’re a broke backpacker who loves communal living, hostels, sharing a bathroom with strangers, and staying in open dormitories with 25 other smelly, unshaven drunks trying to define their gap year, with your trash strewn out everywhere because you don’t own anything of value, then you’re probably not as concerned with “security”.

    My culture and belief system? Lol… It’s probably better that you watch some YouTube videos and read more of my material on this site. You’ll figure it out, my friend. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel.

    Thanks for the comment and for stopping by. It has given me something to ponder today. How one word (security) can be interpreted as a non-issue my some, and spark a geopolitical firestorm in the mind of others. You made my day.

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