Abu Dhabi Fish Market – Al Mina – United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Fish Market – Al Mina

If you’re looking for fresh seafood at the lowest prices, go check out the Abu Dhabi Fish Market – Al Mina. It’s located in Port Zayed.

I took a stroll through there to see what they had to offer.

Average Price on Seafood

Here are the prices quoted while speaking to a vendor at stall #36. I’m sure you can negotiate this down a bit with your bargaining skills.

  • Shrimp – 65 AED per kilo
  • Tiger Prawn – 75 AED per kilo
  • Squid – 20 AED per kilo
  • Crab – 30 AED per kilo
  • Fish – 10 to 45 AED per kilo
Abu Dhabi Fish Market
Abu Dhabi Fish Market – Fresh Catch

At stall #17, the vendor had fresh lobster to offer. Here’s what he quoted:

  • Lobster – 95 AED per kilo

Price to Clean and Prepare the Fish

Over on the far right of the market is the fish cleaning and prep area. I spoke to the gentlemen at stall #69.

Here are the prices to have fish cleaned and prepared for cooking:

  • 1.5 kilos – 6 AED
  • 2 kilos – 8 AED
  • 2.5 kilos – 10 AED
  • 3.75 kilos – 15 AED

Have Your Seafood Cooked at Sea House Restaurant & Grills

Once you’ve got your fish cleaned and prepped, take it to the window at Sea House Restaurant & Grills. The gentlemen there will marinate your seafood with a delicious sauce and cook it over an open flame.

You can choose to eat your meal at the Sea House Restaurant or have it wrapped up in a take-away box. The Sea House Restaurant has two or three tables where you can sit down and enjoy your food.

Abu Dhabi Fish Market Seahouse Restaurant and Grills
Seahouse Restaurant & Grills – Abu Dhabi Fish Market

I forgot to ask about how much it cost to grill the fish. I checked Zomato and a reviewer quoted:

  • 1 kilo – 15 AED

Overall Impression of the Abu Dhabi Fish Market?

Even though it’s a fish market, it’s really more than that.

The Abu Dhabi Fish Market can actually be called an authentic seafood restaurant with a dining experience.

If you’re a tourist, stop by and have lunch one day. The place is clean and the folks working there are very friendly.


  1. The Abu Dhabi Fish Market as I remember, during the 80s, the fish
    was very good, there was Hamour, Shrimp and beauty queen.

    I simply loved going to get the fish during the
    Fridays and mother would cook the Shrimp and serve with
    baked hamour. It was truly heavenly!


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