BARRIO BARRETTO LOCKDOWN – Diaper Run – Streets are Getting Quieter and Now I Need a Barangay Pass

Barrio Barretto is basically a ghost town.

Even if you make it past the checkpoint and get to DiviMart, there ain’t no tricycles to help you carry your goods back home. Be prepared to carry whatever you buy.

At least I was able to pick up Forrest G.’s diapers down at the supermarket behind The Coffee Shop.

If you venture past the checkpoint now, you have to show a pass from the barangay, which they say is only good for 4 hours.

Believe it or not, my Arc’teryx Brize 32L Hiking Backpack CAN carry 154 XL EQ Diapers, my camera bag, and two bottles of Mama’s Best Worcestershire Sauce!

This video was filmed on DAY 4 of the Luzon Enhanced Community Quarantine (March 20th, 2020).