Blind Chicken Soup
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Blind Chicken Soup

An incident happened today involving a cat, a baby chicken, and the neighbors. I arrived back at my room to find several ladies looking into a basket. Inside was a baby chick. Apparently, one of the local stray cats had snatched the chick from the Cambodian family who lives one soi (street) over.

The chick was chirping and hadn’t sustained any injuries during the kidnapping. Various comments suggested we all keep the chick and take care of it. Everyone could take turns feeding it. We could make a nice bed for it…

“We could feed it for a few weeks and then make some nice chicken soup out of it.”

My suggestion was met by looks of disbelief. What? Make soup out of the cute little chick?

The reality is that chicks are raised to be chicken soup, chicken sandwiches, fried chicken, or chicken cordon bleu. That’s the purpose of a chicken.

The cuteness had caught everyone off guard and temporarily installed blinders to reality. There were no vegetarians in the group. That’s what made it comical.

I returned the chick to its rightful owner, who thanked me. He put the chicken back with its mother and siblings and all was well.

The chick will make a nice meal in a few weeks.

The Philosophy?

Reality. That’s where I like to live. Pigs are pork chops. Pretty cows are steaks and hamburgers. Baby chicks become fried chicken.

Hypocrisy? That’s a waste of time and breath.

I just feel that there’s way too much blind chicken soup being served in today’s society. We need to see and interpret things for what they really are.

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