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Best Damn Cooking Show Ever – I’m Making Spaghetti in a Cast Iron Skillet and Cursing Like a Sailor

Once the sun went down, I cooked up some of the best spaghetti that Filipina Wife #1 has ever tasted. I was drinking Captain Morgan’s Rum and Coke and cursing up a storm.

Paying Back My Utang (Credit) at the Sari-Sari Store on the Mountain + Hamburgers and Chicken Feet

We saddled up the stroller and rolled out to pay the debt and get some hamburgers. Filipina Wife #1 spotted barbecue chicken feet on the grill and got a few to nibble on.

Jeepney Ride from Barrio Barretto at the Matain River up to Subic Town and Back

Join us on a Jeepney ride from the Matain River at Barrio Barretto up to Subic Town. The trip cost us 15 Pesos each ($0.30 USD).

GoPro Hero 8 Black Magically RESURRECTS ITSELF FROM THE DEAD! I Went Walkabout to Test It.

Folks, a MIRACLE happened this morning. My GoPro Hero 8 Black mysteriously RESURRECTED itself back from the dead after being down for 3 days!

A Trip to Subic Town Market and Cooking Pork Chops on the Balcony of the Penthouse Suite – #BARBECUE

We fired up the barbecue grill out on the balcony of the Penthouse Suite and went to work. These chops turned out to be delicious!

Goodbye GoPro Hero 8 Black – The Final Review After 3 Months of Everyday Use

Last night during a filming of my cooking show, I dropped the camera from my lap to the ground. That two-foot drop put the GoPro out of commission.

Cooking BBQ Chicken & Vegetables on the Balcony of the Penthouse Suite + GoPro Hero 8 Black Crashes

It was a beautiful day and evening here in the Philippines and perfect weather to barbecue out on the the balcony.

ELECTRICAL BROWNOUT Strikes During My Cooking Show! Will the Delay Affect the Taste of the Chicken?

Join me for a walk to pick up some chicken, a few vegetables, and a bottle of wine.

Trying to Find a Food Prep Table So We Can Move Our Cooking Show Outdoors Onto the Balcony

Filipina Wife #1, Forrest G., and myself went on the hunt for a stainless steel food prep table.