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The Ladies Went on ANOTHER Unauthorized Shopping Spree and Spent $20 USD! #Stress

The Ladies Went on ANOTHER Unauthorized Shopping Spree and Spent $20 USD! #Stress

Wife #1 and Wife #2 told me to set the alarm so they could get up and go jogging. That was code for an unauthorized shopping spree.
SBMA Subic Bay Naval Base Olongapo Philippines Alava Pier Monuments Flag

Me and Filipina Wife #1 Spent the Day in Olongapo & SBMA (The Old...

Fatima and I spent the day together doing some shopping and exploring. We'll take you for a walking tour of Waterfront Rd on the Old Subic Bay Navy Base.
Trike Ride with Janice

Trike Ride with Janice

Here's a short clip of our trike ride.
Happy New Year 2021 New Year's Eve Subic Bay Baloy Beach Barrio Barretto Philippines

New Year’s Eve 2020 #SubicBay #Philippines

Join us while we ring in the new year!
Filipinas Guilty of Snooping My Notebook

TWO Curious Filipinas SNOOP My Notebook While I’m Out Grocery Shopping!

I had to go to Barrio Barretto for some groceries. When I got back, I noticed that my notebook was turned to a different page from where I left it.
Barbecue on Baloy Beach Philippines Barrio Barretto Overstay Road Filipinas

BBQ at Kevin’s, How to Cook a Montana Grilled Onion, & Getting Even with...

Join us for a barbecue and get-together. We'll fire up the Lodge Sportsman's Grill and cook pork ribs and chicken.
The Day After Christmas on Baloy Beach Philippines

The Day After Christmas – 2020

We stayed at the condo for Christmas and just enjoyed each other's company.
I Got Busted for Filming in a Business that's Open to the Public - What's Your Thoughts?

I Got Busted for Filming in a Business that’s Open to the Public –...

I got lectured by the photography police at a business which is open to the public. They sell groceries so it ain't like it's a matter of national security.
Christmas Eve 2020 Baloy Beach Philippines

Christmas Eve

Here's a look at our Christmas Eve here in the Philippines. We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, my friends.