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Compassion is Lost. How My $28 USD per Month Beach Condo Turned Me Into...

I need to have a heart to heart talk with you about compassion.

Disaster & Success at the Bikini Contest Broadcast – How to Screw Up a...

Folks, I know the live stream video quality at the Bikini Contest last Saturday was not good. Give me a few minutes to explain what went wrong with the technical side of the live broadcast.

Filipina Bikini Contest – LIVE from the Philippines with King Marcos

Thanks to my subscribers, Patrons, Trolls, Parrotts, and Haters, I have moved on up to a DELUXE apartment in the sky!

Why I Had To Leave My Hotel Room in the Philippines

Let me show you around one of my favorite little hotels in Angeles City. I'll explain the importance of keeping the buckets in the CR filled.

Do I Beat My Filipina Wife with Bamboo or Coco Lumber? The Haters &...

All the Haters, Trolls, Parrotts, Psychics, Angry Feminists, & Spineless Males from America are 100% convinced that I beat my wife.

The Conspiracy Theory About My Watch & the Two Islands I Thought About Buying

I'll discuss my secret agent Timex watch and the conspiracy theories circulating around the Internet.

$9 USD Per Night in Cebu City – Uncle Tom’s Cabin Hotel

This hotel is new, clean, modern, and has FAST WiFi. I booked a room on Agoda for $9 USD per night and had a great stay. The deal came with two free breakfasts!

Demolition Crew in the Philippines

This department store in Cebu City burned down several months ago. Here's a look at demolition techniques in the Philippines.

Red Lizard Tacos & Burritos – Best Place to Eat at Ayala Mall in...

Let me show you one of the BEST places to eat in Cebu City, Philippines. It's located on the top floor of Ayala Mall. Great food & Cold Beer.