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Manicure & Pedicure in Pattaya? Go See My Friends on Soi Buakhao.

Had to go get a manicure and pedicure over at one of my favorite little salons. If you want some good service, go see my friends.
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Going on a Spiritual Journey. What Does that Mean to You?

I’ve embarked on a spiritual journey to climb Mr. Everest before I die. It’s an adventure that could take two decades or more to complete.
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Don’t Worry About Dying

My dad has a great philosophy about death. It goes something like this: Don't worry about dying...

Hater + Troll Rehab Program – $50 Per Month

If you're lonely and find yourself begging for attention by leaving negative and nasty comments on social media, you may be a troll.

9 Cool Places to Visit Near Pattaya, Thailand – Motorbike Tour

Here's a day-long motorbike tour down in the Silverlake area near Pattaya, Thailand. I'll show you 9 cool places to visit on the motorbike.

Ghost Pirates Hijack Hobie Tiger Sailboat

I was drinking beer at Drifters Beach Cafe when a sailboat parked on the beach took off on its own. Too damn funny. Here’s the rescue operation.

A Long Night in Pattaya, Thailand

Here's a look at my Saturday night in Pattaya, Thailand. I started out on Soi 7 at Tequila Reef Mexican Restaurant and then went to Hooters.

My New Jacket for World Travel – Carhartt Flame Resistant – Full Swing –...

I just received the new jacket I ordered from Carhartt. It's exactly what I was looking for. Here are my initial thoughts and a tour of this quality piece of travel gear.
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How to Survive a Plane Crash – 3 Steps to Take

After years of traveling the world, here's my advice on how to survive a plane crash. There are 3 steps you need to know and take to survive.