BRUTAL KNOCK OUT at the THRILLA IN MANILA, a HIDDEN Ramen Noodle Shop, and Where’s the Lobster?

Take a road trip with us down to Pasay City for THE THRILLA IN MANILA!!! It’s DOGGS’ night out, my friends. This little overnight adventure takes us from ringside seats at Championship Boxing (aired LIVE on ESPN), to the Mall of Asia, to THE BEST little hidden Japanese ramen restaurant in the Philippines. At the end of the night, we roll like KINGS in the back of the longest limo you’ve ever seen.

This MOVIE is rated PG-13 for mild language and is 93 minutes long. Get the popcorn and cold beer ready, my friends. It’s going to PREMIERE at 9:00 PM New York Time on Valentine’s Day. After you take your lady out for an expensive dinner, drop some cash on flowers and chocolate, you can kick back and recover while watching this film.


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