Climbed a Mini Mt. Everest and Discovered FOUR Beautiful Filipinas Drinking Sangria!
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Climbed a Mini Mt. Everest and Discovered FOUR Beautiful Filipinas Drinking Sangria!

I hiked up a small mountain near Subic and discovered four beautiful Filipinas drinking Sangria. They were kind enough to pour me a cup of that delicious wine cocktail to quench my thirst. Don’t believe me? My wife didn’t either. Join us for a day of chillin with my friend Franics and his family. We’ll start off at a local market to pick up some chicken and vegetables. Then I’lll take you up the mountain where some mystery American guy built a small house about 20 years back. We”ll eat delicious barbecue and then pick mangos from the tree in Francis’ yard.

The locals call the mountain Boquillaok, but I branded it as the Mini Mount Everest of the Philippines. If you make it up to the summit, you’ve got great views of what I call the Gatorade Hills. They’re like a small version of the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, but these are lime green. Between being thirsty as hell when you reach the top and the color of the grass, I’ve branded them the Gatorade Hills. If you are interested in taking this little half-day tour, just stop by the tricycle stand between Rum Jungle and Rico’s Restaurant here in Barrio Barretto. Ask for Francis and tell him Marcos sent you. I’m not going to post his phone number to cut out the bullshit from the trolls, so just take your ass over to Rum Jungle and most of the time he’s there. For 1,000 Pesos, Francis will pick you up at your hotel anywhere in Barrio Barretto, take you over to the mountain, hook you up with two guides for your climb, and then take you back to your hotel. If you bring a Filipina, give him 1,500. That’s a fair price for a half-day adventure and the money will help his family. And no, I’m not taking a cut or commission. I’m just trying to help out a friend and hook you up with some cool trekking and spectacular views. If you want to take on the trek by yourself, here’s the starting point, but I recommend you hook up with Francis.

This video is Rated PG-13 on the Parental Guidance Scale but only for some adult redneck language and discussion about women in general. It’s Rated A for Adventure on my Intensity Scale. It’s about an hour and a half long so pop some popcorn and get the beer ready. This movie was filmed on a DJI Osmo Pocket and iPhone 8 Plus in 4K at 60 FPS.

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