Coconuts, Friends, Whiskey, & Fish – Ingredients for Happiness

The Best Times in Life Are Cheap

It often occurs to me, that in my life, the best times seem to be the cheapest ones. They are also the most memorable—the most comical—the most inspiring. Money doesn’t equal happiness and it can’t buy a good time. That’s the message.

I’ve stayed in many five-star hotels during my travels around the world. I hardly have any memories of those places. The memories just aren’t there. There’s nothing to recall. Now, the time we were in a little town in Guatemala, at a hotel that had a broken pipe sticking out of the wall for a shower… I can tell you every detail about that little penthouse suite. I’ll never forget it.

You Don’t Need a Reason to Get Together with Friends

I got together with a few of my ex-wife’s friends and family here in Thailand on one particular occasion and had a really good time. There was no special occasion we were celebrating. It was just an evening gathering of us poor folks.

Coconuts Thailand Adventures

Looking back, it proves that you only need some fresh coconuts, a bottle of cheap whiskey, a few friends, and a fish to have a wonderful evening.

Coconuts Thailand Adventures Fish for Dinner

Coconuts Thailand Adventures Motorbike

Coconuts Thailand Adventures Trike