Coming Off of a 4-Day Fast – NO Food and NO Beer!

I just went 4 1/2 days with no food or beer and I feel pretty darn good.

Every now and then I will pull a fast just to let my body zero itself out. For me, I also use fasting to help fight any illness that may come my way. That was the purpose of this particular fast because I had a respiratory infection that was kicking my ass. I even had to get some help from my friend, Dr. Antibiotic to get rid of this crap.

I picked up this bug after hanging out with about 30 Chinese folks down in Manila. I think it was because every one of them were chain-smoking cigarettes like they were going out of style. My lungs got fumigated because they were pumping out more smoke than an old diesel jeepney.

*Disclaimer for the Whiners: I’m not a doctor or nutritionist. I’m not here giving you medical advice. I’m merely having an informal conversation about what I do. If you go on a fast and keel over from low blood sugar, that’s your own damn fault. This is YouTube and this video is for entertainment purposes only. There, you’ve been served the legal cheese.