Compassion is Lost. How My $28 USD per Month Beach Condo Turned Me Into Public Enemy #1

I need to have a heart to heart talk with you about compassion. Let me tell you the whole story about how my $28 per month beach condo and the lack of compassion in today’s society have turned me into America’s Most Wanted. I’ll watch it with you via the YouTube Premiere Feature and respond to comments in LIVE CHAT.


  1. My man you are on point, your analysis is correct and the world is really a messed up place at times. I appreciate your content and your perspective. I wish you success and when I get a chance I will send you a couple of dollars. PLEASE KEEP PRODUCING GOOD CONTENT.

  2. Many of us are controlled by our emotions, we can’t get away from responding to attacks on our content or character… I’ve seen this played out over and over on YouTube. You’re not weak… You are a real brother and good man. Keep teaching compassion the world needs more voices like you.

  3. I just watched this for the first time & loved it. I live in Los Angeles, so I probably walk past those other haters all the time. Oh well, what’ya gonna do?! I’m a Special Ed Teacher here & can retire in 10 years, 3 months (I’m counting, & not staying one day past) – am looking for alternative, affordable ideas, and yours was the best video out there. Keep’m coming-I’ll subscribe & check out your amazon stuff.

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