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Angeles City Philippines Filipina Tesla Chopper Ride Walking Street Beautiful

Angeles City Chopper Tour from VFW to Walking Street McDonald’s & Arshine Shopping at...

Join me and Supermodel #1 for a slow-rolling Tesla Chopper tour from the VFW to Walking Street.
Angeles City Philippines Lifestyle Filipinas Take Me Shopping for School Supplies

2 Filipinas BREAK MY BANK On Yellow Felt for Forrest G.’s School Project!

Fatima and Arshine informed me we had to go to Apo Market to buy school supplies for Forrest G. No problem. Let's roll.
Filipinas Practice Driving the Tesla Chopper Angeles City Philippines Overstay Road

Filipinas Receive Flight Training on the Tesla Chopper!

Fatima and Arshine got some driving time behind the wheel of the Tesla Chopper.
Filipina Wife Barbecue Pork Steaks Angeles City Philippines Lifestyle

2 Filipinas COMPLAIN About My Barbecue Skills and Technique!

Fatima and Arshine are too impatient when it comes to supper. They want to eat within 5 minutes!
Angeles City Philippines Pampang Public Market 1000 Pesos Challenge Food Budget Overstay Road

#FILIPINAS Ask: What’s Our BUDGET for the Market? Rich Foreign Husband MAKES IT RAIN!

I told the ladies to continue their healthy eating habits and head out to the Pampang Public Market for a vegetable resupply mission.
Angeles City Philippines

Arshine Wears Pajamas on our Tesla Chopper Ride? Angeles City, Philippines

Why do Filipinas and Thai girls wear pajamas when they go out early in the morning?
Bangkok, Thailand to Manila, Philippines

Bangkok to Manila – Great Flight but LONG Bus Ride to Angeles City

I had a wonderful flight from Bangkok to Manila. The bus ride from Manila to Angeles City wasn't as pleasant due to traffic.
Am I On Vacation?

Filipina Wife Says I’m on Vacation with My Girlfriend! I’m Just Watching the Sun...

Join me while I drink a few and watch our beautiful sun go down over Southeast Asia. Fatima suspects I'm on vacation in Bangkok with my girlfriend!
Last Night in Thailand Golden Foyer Hotel Bangkok Thailand Suvarnabhumi BKK Best Hotel Near Airport

$30 USD Hotel Near Bangkok Airport!

The Golden Foyer Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel is an AWESOME place to stay when you have a morning flight out of Bangkok! I paid a...