The Philippines

Best Hotel Anda Bohol Philippines Little Miami Beach Resort Ocean View

Little Miami Beach Resort – Best Place to Stay – Anda, Bohol, Philippines

The Little Miami Beach Resort in Anda, Bohol, Philippines, is a quiet, relaxing oasis. If you love beachfront cottages, this is the best place to stay.

Relaxing Sounds of a Jungle Stream to Help You Fall Asleep

Here is a video with relaxing sounds of a jungle stream to help you fall asleep. I filmed it in the Province of Leyte in the Philippines.
Cebu City to Manila Philippines Ferry View From Cabin

Cebu City to Manila on 2GO Ferry – Philippines Adventures

Traveling from Cebu City to Manila, Philippines on 2GO Ferry is a nice little adventure. If you have the time, it's worth the overnight journey.
Cebuview Tourist Inn Cebu City Philippines Review

Cebuview Tourist Inn – Best Little Budget Hotel in Cebu City, Philippines

The Cebuview Tourist Inn in Cebu City, Philippines is cheap, clean, & has good food at local prices. If you're on a budget, this is the place.
Getting Tire Repaired on a Tropical Island

Getting a Flat Tire Fixed When You’re on a Tropical Island

Things often work at a slower pace when you're on a tropical island. Here's a quick story about getting a flat on the motorbike.
S and R Bed and Breakfast - Rooms

Best Hotel in Calbayog, Philippines – S & R Bed and Breakfast

I had a chance to stay at the best hotel in Calbayog, Philippines. If you're traveling through Western Samar, S & R Bed and Breakfast is a pleasant oasis.
Manila Travel Scam - Avoid the Horse and Buggy Ride in Manila, Philippines

Manila Travel Scam – Beware of the Horse and Buggy Ride

A frequent Manila travel scam happens on horse and buggy tours. I recommend you do not take a horse and buggy ride in Manila. Here's why.