Craziest Little Bar in the Philippines – Midget Boxing & Go-Go Dancers

Midget Boxing – Why You Should Go

If you’re from the West, I probably already know what you’re thinking…

It’s not cool to call people midgets. It’s especially not “ethical” to gaze at them and laugh while they duke it out in the ring.

Screw that.

Let me give you my perspective on the situation.

First of all, the people who work at Ringside Bar in Makati are the coolest folks you will ever meet in your life.

Are they “midgets”?

Yes, but only in the eyes of judgmental individuals who don’t know them personally. They’re no different than you and me. They are people. That’s it.

Due to the hand that life has dealt them, their appearance is indeed different than most folks. That’s obvious. However, instead of crying about it and asking for special treatment, they’re using that uniqueness to their advantage.

They are gainfully employed in the entertainment business. That’s a reputable job if you ask me. It’s also a hell of a lot easier to put on a show for bar patrons than having to slave away in a sweat shop making t-shirts.

Go check out midget boxing at Ringside Bar. You’ll be supporting a group of folks that would probably be at a disadvantage in other fields of work. Enjoy the show, buy a few drinks, and say hello. Tip the fighters 50 pesos or so if you enjoyed the action.

Take selfies with the crew and proudly post that shit on Facebook. If anyone has a negative comment about you “exploiting” the misfortune of others, tell them to go fuck themselves. They are obviously ignorant to the hardships of those living outside the comforts of the West.

Volunteer to Be a Referee

Volunteer to be a referee at your own risk. If you’re in the ring, the guys will make it a point to try and get a few punches in on the foreign guy. Usually, that stray blow will land square on your nuts, perfectly in line with the height of the fighters.

Ringside Bar Makati – Where is it Located?

If you are on Burgos Street (the bar area in Makati), walk across Kalayaan Avenue. Ringside Bar is on the far right corner of the intersection.