Dear China, FUCK YOU. I’m in Prison because of you MOTHERFUCKERS

The Kingdom of Marcos has declared WAR on The Chinese Communist Party.

This worldwide PANDEMIC due to the Chinese Bat Research VIRUS is the CCP’s doing.

Theories and Potential Causes:

  1. Virus spread due to an accidental / negligent leak at the CCP Level 4 Bio-Lab in Wuhan due to incompetence. This is my theory and strong belief. 100% this is what happened, if you ask me. Patient Zero is either a researcher or employee at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Patient Zero went grocery shopping at the Wet Market in Wuhan and infected several vendors. The Chinese Communist Party already knows EXACTLY who patient zero is. HERE’S A NEW VIDEO THAT NAMES PATIENT ZERO AS HUANG YANLING
  2. Intentionally and deliberately leaked the virus in order to bring down the U.S. economy and President Trump?
  3. The virus spread because some of you motherfuckers are eating raw BAT and PANGOLIN ASSHOLES in your soup?

Either way, I’m in prison because of more Chinese bullshit.

The whole damn world is in prison right now.

People are sick. People are dead and dying. People are going HUNGRY. Even house cats are getting infected with this virus. WTF?

On a personal and serious level, the Chinese Communist Party has ROBBED me of the ability to go see my little girl. That’s UNACCEPTABLE and I see it as an ACT OF WAR against me and my Kingdom.

Just like the rest of the world, I can’t leave my god damn balcony.

I haven’t heard the first fucking apology from the CCP or from ANYONE in China to say we’re sorry for fucking up the globe.

Therefore, the Kingdom of Marcos held an international court and the King (me) ruled the following:

  1. The CCP will pay the Kingdom of Marcos 1 Million U.S. dollars per person, PER MONTH, MOTHERFUCKERS, for every month we are incarcerated involuntarily here at my castle.
  2. Second, the Kingdom of Marcos has given the CCP 72 hours to get their shit off the artificial islands they’ve built and fortified and get the fuck out of there. After those 72 hours are up, the ROYAL ARMED FORCES of the Kingdom of Marcos will take action to remove you pompous communist motherfuckers.
  3. The third ruling from the Royal Court is that NO Chinese Passports will be allowed to enter the Kingdom of Marcos for at least 20 years. After that time I’ll revisit the ruling to see if it needs to be extended. There will be no loud and rowdy Chinese tour groups roaming my Kingdom while spitting, chain smoking cigarettes, being obnoxious and acting like bulls in a China shop. You’re hereby BANNED from the Kingdom until you can learn some manners.

Folks, you may think these rulings are harsh, but I’ve deemed them necessary for the health and welfare of my Kingdom.

To the People of China just trying to make a living: It’s time to RISE UP against the CCP. It’s time for a new REVOLUTION, my friends. It’s 1.3 Billion vs. about 100 million assholes in government fucking up the place. I’ll take those odds any day.

Oh, and one more thing: FUCK the Chinese Communist Party. Xi Jinping, just go ahead and pay your 5 MILLION U.S. dollars TAXES and FINES I imposed on your ass.


On May 16, 2020, YouTube age restricted this video due to the fact it had been “flagged to us for review”. Looks like old Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party don’t like being called out for fucking up the entire globe. Very well, then. I’ll just double down on you bastards. More videos coming your way for the viewing enjoyment of PLA Intelligence.


Anytime you good folks in the CCP get ready, please pay the $16,000,000 U.S. dollars you owe me. Here’s the link just in case you misplaced it.

PAY $16,000,000 U.S. dollars from the Chinese Communist Party to THE ROYAL KINGDOM OF MARCOS – INVOICE #COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2