Disaster & Success at the Bikini Contest Broadcast – How to Screw Up a YouTube Live Stream Event

Folks, I know the live stream video quality at the Bikini Contest last Saturday was not good. Give me a few minutes to explain what went wrong with the technical side of the live broadcast.

I also want to give a shout to all of my friends who sent that SuperChat money! Holy shit. Thanks goes out to Vitrix1130, Erin Schoen, Sheidelberg, John Kevin, Cookie Monster, crypto X88, Adam C, hotrod01, Benny Thamac, Derrick F, and Ken Hourihan.

Sorry I didn’t thank everyone during the stream. I couldn’t keep up with all the traffic. The next live stream, my wife’s job will be to write down everyone’s name and give me notification real time of any SuperChat Beer Money received. She’ll be the producer of the show and my girlfriend will assist with the videography. That way, I’ll be able to thank everyone in real time. Hey, learning this stuff as I go, my friends.

Special thanks goes out to President Trump for tuning into the bikini contest! I certainly appreciate the Tweet as well. There’s nothing like hanging out with DJT, my friends.