Doing Electrical Work in the Philippines While Drunk on Rum
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Doing Electrical Work in the Philippines While Drunk on Rum

Don’t try this shit at home. Don’t listen to advice from a dude with a Leatherman tool, doing electrical work while drunk. I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about. I just wanted my damn power strip to work.

  • Alan Kennedy October 10, 2018, 1:20 am

    I’m really enjoying your videos, especially your latest series, “Cebu beach Condo”! That should be a tv show. I like that you give zero fucks but you still live by a code which you occasionally immortalize on a yellow poster. I suggest that on you do a video where you grill a few of those loud ass roosters that wake you up at the crack of dawn over a charcoal fire. You should garnish those birds with a mango chutney from trees near the condo. Frankly, I would spend about $50 and buy every rooster on the block and have a big bar-b-que for the whole condo association.

    I am a 53 yo soon to be retired FLEO from Mississippi who has spent many years in Atlanta, GA and I am planning my first trip to Thailand. What little I know of your background seems closer to my own than other SE Asia vloggers that I follow. I’m really enjoying your work.

  • Mark Blackard October 11, 2018, 12:07 am


    Yeah, it seems like everyone is intrigued by my beach condo. I’m actually on the hunt for a crib direct on the water so I can tie everything together. So far, nobody believes I’m near the beach. Ha! Got to post a walking tour. Them damn roosters, you can’t escape them here in the Philippines. Even if you are staying in the heart of Makati, you will hear roosters.

    Man, we have a lot in common. I’m originally from Mississippi as well, although Atlanta is where I called home for several decades. Let me know when you’re rolling to Thailand. Maybe we can meet up and drink a few.