Elephants and Tigers and Crocodiles, Oh My!
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Elephants and Tigers and Crocodiles, Oh My!

I took Filipina Wife #1 and Forrest G. to the tiger zoo in Sriracha, Thailand. We rode an elephant, fed a baby tiger, and watched the shows. It was a beautiful sunny day, my friends.

This short film is Rated PG. It was filmed on the DJI Osmo Pocket in 4K at 24 FPS.


I know, I know…Here’s what some of you are thinking right now: OH MY GOODNESS! But… my favorite blogger traveling around during her gap year says it’s “unethical” to ride an elephant! PETA says it’s “unethical”. I can’t believe you would do that!

Listen, I’ve heard this same, tired, one-dimensional argument about a million times before and I could care less what Sally the gap-year travel blogger or PETA has to say. I recommend that you come to Thailand and ride an elephant. You’ll have a whole new love and concern for their well being. Every time I have friends come to Thailand, I take them to ride elephants and will continue to do so without concern for any organization’s “ethics” or agenda.

For any of my young, naïve friends from #PETA who landed here during your keyboard “activism” session from your laptop at Starbucks, here’s an article that will piss you off even more than me riding an elephant:

Ride Elephants in Thailand. You Are Protecting Them.

Just enjoy the read while you’re sipping a latte and munching on that delicious smoked ham (poor, innocent pig) and cream cheese bagel. Make sure you use the typical bullshit SAVE THE WHALES keywords in your comment below to tell me why it’s “unethical” to ride an elephant. I’ll start you off with the short list so you get the spelling correct. Here we go:

  • sustainable
  • responsible tourism
  • ethics
  • morals
  • sanctuary
  • mission
  • protect
  • animal welfare
  • rescue
  • conservation
  • humane
  • awareness
  • raise awareness
  • save the elephants
  • partnerships
  • raise awareness
  • the impact of raising awareness
  • raising awareness
  • I’m raising awareness from Starbucks…

There. That should get you started. You might as well go ahead and order another smoked-innocent-pig bagel while you try to lecture my old elephant-riding ass. #hypocrisy