Entertaining My Babies During an Electrical BROWNOUT in the #Philippines – Tropical Storm Pepito

We’ve been experiencing power outages for the past few days due to Tropical Storm Pepito. When the lights went out, I decided to grab my guitar and entertain the babies with a song or two. Here’s a look at our night, my friends. Thanks for joining us.

The power was supposed to be out all night so I didn’t want to light up the room for the video and waste battery life. Instead, I hit the Night Shot function on the Sony FDR-AX100. Yeah, the video is a bit grainy due to low light but sometimes life ain’t perfect. Plus, this video is mostly for me, anyway.

Here’s a good piece of gear to have during a brownout: Fenix HM50R Headlamp

I was quite surprised when I uploaded this video to YouTube and received a copyright claim. Apparently, my singing is RIGHT ON TIME and the algorithm flagged my Sweet Child O’ Mine song as copyrighted content! Guns N Roses can have the money from this video because that copyright claim made my day. I’m already halfway to Nashville, my friends.