How I Got a Corner Office
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How I Got a Corner Office

I’m writing this article from my new corner office. I’ve got a panoramic view of the city, a nice breeze blowing through, and a bunch of pretty girls all around me. It certainly pays to be the boss.

Ok, so I’m actually riding on a bus in the Philippines. I’ve got the front right corner seat next to the window. Therefore, I have a panaoramic view of the gridlock traffic we’re currently navigating. There is a breeze blowing through because the window is open (there’s no AC on this here chariot). There are a ton of beautiful Filipinas on the bus, although we’re not exactly traveling together. But, I am the boss of this one-man traveling band. I’m at the top and loving every minute of it.

What’s the Point?

Life is really about how you perceive it to be. In my opinion, I’m living the dream. To me, freedom is what equates to success and happiness. I wouldn’t give up today’s corner office for a penthouse suite in Times Square.

Others may see my situation and wonder why anyone would want to sweat their balls off in the Philippines on a bus that has no air-conditioning. They would probably look down upon the roosters on board riding shotgun as well. Everyone has a right to an opinion, just as I have the right not to give a shit.

Live your life the way you want to live it and stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Life is short. Work your way up to your own version of a corner office and enjoy your life.