How to Extend a Philippines Tourist Visa – Cebu Immigration Office Info

How to Extend Philippines Tourist Visa Cebu Immigration J Centre Mall
Bureau of Immigration - Cebu District VII

How to Extend Your Philippines Tourist Visa After 30 Days in Country – The First Extension

I recently found myself coming up on 30 days here in the Philippines. After searching online, there didn’t seem to be a clear answer as to what the process was, the fees, or even the hours of the Cebu Immigration Office.

After going through the process to get the visa extension, here’s how I did it. I’ll give you the bullet points up front and then get down to the details. Make a note that the first visa extension is also referred to as the Visa Waiver. It will give you an additional 29 days stay here in the Philippines.

Update: Readers have reported that you can get your tourist visa extension done in 1 day!

  • Go to JCentre Mall in Mandaue. Immigration is located on the 2nd Floor near the Samsung shop.
  • Hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. You have to submit your application before 3:00 P.M. and pay the cashier before 4:00 P.M.
  • Bring your passport and 2,130 Pesos. No need for passport photos.
  • Go to the desk on the right at the entrance to the immigration office. Sign in on the notebook ledger.
  • Talk to the official there and receive an application form to extend your visa.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Give it back to the official at the desk. He will stamp it.
  • Take your passport and the application to Window #1. Submit your passport and application. Take a seat and wait for about an hour and a half.
  • They will call your name. Pick up your documents from Window #1 and take them to the cashier at Window #4. Pay the fees. It cost me 2,130 Pesos.
  • Wait until your name is called at Window #1. They will give you a receipt. The receipt will tell you what day to pick up your passport.
  • Come back on the specified date and retrieve your passport from Window #6 (Releasing). You will have an additional 29 days on your visa.

How to Get to Cebu Immigration – JCentre Mall

The Cebu Immigration Office is located on the 2nd floor of JCentre Mall which is in Mandaue. Most of the taxi drivers in Cebu City are familiar with JCentre Mall. It’s next to SM Hypermarket.

How to Extend Philippines Tourist Visa Cebu Immigration J Centre Mall Cebu City
Cebu Immigration is located in JCentre Mall on the 2nd Floor.

When you get to JCentre Mall, the taxi should drop you off at the front entrance. The front entrance is across the street from a Suzuki dealership. Walk up the stairs and enter the mall. You’ll pass through the security check.

How to Extend Philippines Tourist Visa Cebu Immigration J Centre Mall Entrance
When the taxi drops you off, go up these stairs and through the front entrance.

After you clear security, take the escalator in front of you up to the 2nd floor.

How to Extend Philippines Tourist Visa Cebu Immigration 2nd Floor J Centre Mall
Take the escalator to the 2nd Floor.

When you get to the second floor, stay to the right and keep walking forward / straight. Look for the Samsung shop on the right. Turn right at the Samsung shop. Cebu Immigration is down on the left.

How to Extend Philippines Tourist Visa Cebu Immigration J Centre Mall 2nd Floor Near Samsung Store
At the Samsung store, go right. Immigration is down on the left.
How to Extend Philippines Tourist Visa Cebu Immigration J Centre Mall
Bureau of Immigration – Cebu District VII

*If you go to immigration in the morning before the mall opens, go to the right after you clear security. Follow the signs and you can get to the immigration office around the back.

How to Extend Your Philippines Tourist Visa – The Process

You only need to bring your passport and 2,130 Pesos. You will fill out the visa extension application there at immigration. You do not need to submit passport photos.

Upon walking through the door of the immigration office in Cebu, there is a desk to your immediate right. On the far right corner of this desk is a notebook ledger. Go ahead and sign in on the ledger. It just asks for your name, nationality, and the time.

1:15 P.M. – When I arrived, there was a heavyset official sitting at the desk. He was eating Jollibee chicken and spaghetti with a side of french fries. I first thought the guy was an American expat who had somehow wrangled a side job. He looks more Western than he does Filipino. He’s got a goatee and wears glasses. He’s a really nice guy and is very helpful.

I explained that I needed to extend my tourist visa and he handed me an application form. I filled out the form in about five minutes. The exact name of the form is BI Form No. TVS-CGAF-VE-2016 Consolidated General Application for Tourist Visa Extension.

Be prepared to fill out the following information on the form:

  • Number of months requested (Just put 1)
  • Reason for extension (Pleasure)
  • Name
  • Citizenship
  • Country of Birth
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Civil Status (Married, single, etc.)
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Signature
  • Residential Address in the Philippines. Number & Street, Barangay, Municipality, City, Province, Zip Code (Make sure you have the name and address of your hotel)
  • Mobile Number

The form is self explanatory and easy to fill out. Just remember to bring the address of your hotel. That’s the only info you won’t know right off the top of your head.

1:25 P.M. – After I filled out the form, I gave it back to the gentleman at the desk. He stamped it and then told me to take it to Window #1.

I asked the gentleman about how long it would take to get the visa. He said it would take 3 to 5 working days at the least. He said they may not work on Thursday or Friday for some reason. Therefore, it could take longer.

1:30 P.M. – At Window #1, the official took my passport and the application. She just told me to sit down.

2:55 P.M. – The official at Window #1 called my name. I received my passport, the application form I had filled out, a document that indicated I was not on a black list, watch list, or had any Police holds, and a receipt that indicated how much I had to pay.

Here’s the cost breakdown per the receipt:

Assessed Items Pesos
Visa Waiver Application Fee 1,000
Visa Waiver 500
Visa Sticker Fee 100
Certificate Fee 500
Legal Research Fee 30
Total Charges 2,130 

I took the documents to the official at Window #4 and paid 2,130 Pesos. He told me to sit down and wait. He kept my passport and all of the paperwork.

3:00 P.M. – The official at Window #1 called my name. She gave me a receipt with a date written on it. It was five working days from then (total of 7 days). She told me I could pick up my passport on or after that date. This receipt was the only document I had upon departure. I don’t think it usually takes that long to get a visa issued. I heard the officials say something about them not working on Thursday and Friday of that week for some reason. I don’t really know what the deal was. Regardless, the time indicated was a full week before I could get my passport back. Keep that in mind if you have other places to be.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Process

The good of the process is that it took less than two hours to submit my application. Ultimately, it was very simple. The cost was only 2,130 Pesos. If you look at it like that then it’s really painless to extend your tourist visa.

The bad of the process is that there is absolutely no information posted at the immigration office. There’s no info on the process, the fees, the wait times, etc. You are flying blind and that’s what makes it frustrating. It’s not clear as to what to expect next, what other documents you may need, etc. I read online that you need passport photos. I assumed that at some point I needed to submit the pics. It turns out that you do not need to submit passport photos. I didn’t realize that they would keep the passport or that it would take a week to get it back. The bad is the lack of information and perceived disorganization.

The ugly. The experience itself was like trying to get your driver’s license renewed in the U.S. It’s not exactly pleasant when the place is busy. Here are a few points:

  • Place is crowded to where it is standing room only.
  • Hot at times because the AC can’t keep up.
  • Everyone trying to get their visa is pissed off for some reason.
  • Speaker is so muffled that you’re not sure if they’re calling your name or not.
  • 59 people in the room. Seating for 25.
  • Kids running around wild.
  • Not enough staff to handle the number of customers.
  • Constantly getting bumped into because it’s crowded.
  • Everything seems disorganized which adds to the frustration and confusion.

Patience. Have patience and everything will work out.

Cebu Immigration Hours of Operation and Cutoff Times

The posted hours of operation are 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday thru Friday. However, note the following cutoff times as well:

Cutoff times for submitting visa applications are 2:00 P.M. for groups and 3:00 P.M. for individuals. Cutoff times for submitting payments are 2:00 P.M. for groups and 4:00 P.M. for individuals.

Cebu Immigration Additional Information

Make sure you wear some comfortable shoes because you may find yourself standing around for a while. If I have to do it again, I will probably drop my documents at Window #1 and then go get lunch to kill some time.

The place started to clear out at 3:00 P.M. but the seats were still full with three additional people standing.

The windows as labeled:

  • Window 1 – Receiving (Group)
  • Window 2 – Receiving (Individual)
  • Window 3 – Assessment
  • Window 4 – Cashier (Individual)
  • Window 5 – Cashier (Group)
  • Window 6 – Releasing
  • Window 7 – Immigrant & Non-Immigrant Visa Application

Best Time to Go?

I would say 8:00 A.M. on a Monday morning.

Picking Up Your Passport

My receipt said that I could pick up my passport on November 6th. I went to Bohol for a few days so I didn’t go back to immigration until the 13th. I got there at around 8:30 A.M. The mall had yet to open but the guard directed me to the right of the security booth. There are signs posted that will lead you to immigration around the back way.

When I walked in to immigration, it was a totally different atmosphere from when I applied. There were only five people sitting in the waiting area. The place was quiet, slow, and much more inviting. I signed in on the notebook ledger and showed the official my receipt. He directed me to Window #6.

I gave the beautiful girls my receipt, signed another notebook ledger, signed my original application again, and then received my passport. They returned the receipt and the document which showed I’m not on any type of watch list. I guess since you pay for that service they give you the certification letter.

The time it took to pick up my passport was less than five minutes.

Mission accomplished.

My Thoughts on “Immigration”

A small yellow sticker inside my passport is the only visible evidence of the time and money wasted due to this world-wide debacle we call immigration.

We all live on Planet Earth.


  1. Went to extend my Visa. I was there for about 1hr15min. Followed your directions. Paid 3,150 pesos. And I got my passport back and approved the very same day. All within 1hr 15min.

  2. This process you have detailed.
    It is for or the same thing as.
    I am entering the PI on a visa free (30 day) entry at the airport. I’m a USA citizen.

    My idea is to enter visa free for 30 days and then request an extension. I wanted to stay for a total of 45 days in Cebu.

  3. Yes. You’ll get 30 days visa on arrival. Then you can go extend for 29 days in the process described in the article.

    I’ll make a note that the last time I came through the airport in Manila, the immigration official asked for my onward travel document. He stamped me in until the exact day my onward flight departed. It was less than 30 days.

    Take care and good luck, my friend.

  4. What kinds of mode of payment they accept? How about with kids, does the cost for kids same as the adult?


  5. As far as I know, they only accept cash. I’m not sure if there is a different price for kids. Maybe one of my readers can weigh in on that question, my friend.

    If you find out the info, let me know and I’ll update this article. Thanks.

  6. Hey guys! I`m in cebu right now on 59 days visa (got that in my country), and i know i`ll be looking to extend that stay, and my question is, is the extending procedure the same as for 30 days?

  7. Oskar,

    I would assume that it is, but I’ve never had the 59 day visa so I can’t speak from experience. I don’t know. Maybe one of my readers can leave a comment and answer that for us?

  8. When 1st arriving at Cebu City Philippines airport, can you obtain a month stay at BOI then?, and do you need a return visit flight 2 months in acvance to show BOI agents?, also when or howcan a person purchase a 2 year Visa?
    Thanks if you can help,,,later

  9. 1st time to travel especially to Philippines!
    Oct.15, 2018 I arrive in Cebu City Philippines airport and found out that I need a return visit flight so I purchased a return visit at $577.50 so I can obtain 30 extension Visa.,,,BAD MISTAKE! Why? Cuz I didn’t know all I needed was a throw away ticket at 40 to 50 bucks!, so I am unable to get $577.50 back to get my refund.
    Is that true that a purchased airline ticket is nonrefundable and if that is the case?
    Please help ones to know this so they don’t make the same unfortunate MISTAKE.
    Is there a way to at least get some of my money back?
    Thanks Mark for all your work! Can you help or do you know of some sort of refund clause in Airline repurchase tickets to maybe recoup some money back or is it a loss?
    Thanks again,,,,later

  10. Russell,

    Yes, you are required to have proof of onward travel. I’m surprised that the airline allowed you to board the flight without having shown them your onward ticket. As far as the refund, it’s according to the type of ticket and the airline’s policies. My advice is to call the airline’s customer service number and explain your situation to them. Don’t go to a local ticket office in the Barangay. They just sell tickets. Either call the main number or visit their office direct at the airport. I don’t think you’re going to get a refund but maybe they can help you change the ticket where you don’t lose all of your money.


  11. I bought a ticket from Philippine airlines but needed to change it later. I was told by the airline clerk that i could not change or cancel my ticket, so I lost the money

  12. Went to the Mandaue immigration office yesterday. (Actually, turn right at Samsung, and it’s the last office on the left). Arrived 11.55, signed in and took the application to window #1. I was given a numbered ticket and told to wait. There were about 20 people in front of me. My number was called at 14.30, but the numbers are called in Cebuan, so there was a lot of confusion and frustration. I paid the cashier at window #4, (3030Php), and was told to wait again. After another hour, my name was called from window #6. I signed for the receipt, certification (which says I’m not a criminal), and passport. There was no reference to the extension in my passport, but the receipt is stamped with the valid date of the extension. Keep it safe. The extra 1000Php is for the express lane Tick that on your application form or you will have to go back to collect your passport another day.
    Incidentally, when you arrive at the new international terminal in Cebu, you can get your 29 day extension there on arrival, but you must tell the immigration official before they stamp your passport

  13. Hi there,

    Arriving to the Philipinnes November 30th and got the flight to Kuala Lumpur on January 10th 2019.

    I don´t got time to go to the embassy in Europe as I will be travelling through Asia before.

    Do they extend the Visa with 30 days on the day you will be visiting the office?

  14. Just go to Immigration anytime before your visa expires. Here in Angeles City they process it the same day. I got mine renewed and it only took a couple of hours total. Very easy process, my friend.

  15. Thanks for the information. I just got mine renewed in Angeles City and it was a much better experience than down in Cebu. I’ll have to try that the next time I fly into the airport there in Cebu.

  16. Hi Matt,

    Thank you for taking the time to write this article, it has been super useful to read – especially for someone like me who likes to plan things down to the last detail! I have a quick question that you may be able to help with!

    So, I read in the other comments that an onward ticket is needed. So if I travel from the UK to the Philippines with an additional throwaway ticket booked, e.g. to Hong Kong. Would I go to the Immigration Office, apply for an extension, then if I get accepted just not use the Hong Kong ticket? Basically what I’m asking is, is a throwaway ticket a pre-requisite for everyone applying for an extension? Just trying to figure out how many flights to book in advance! Thank you so much! :)

  17. The onward ticket is required to board your flight to the Philippines and Immigration may ask to see it upon your arrival. Once you start getting extensions, nobody asks about the onward departure. At least that’s been my experience.

  18. Hi, do you know if you can apply for a visa extension outside of the Philippines ie. In Australia before you go?


  19. Hi:)
    I am staying here in Cebu already for a while and if you want to get a Visa for 59 Days it’s still the same processure..
    But if you stay for more than 2 Months you need to pay for a ARD ID it costs around 50 Dollars.. My first time I didn’t know about it and my Money was not enough it costs me together with 2 months extension almost 7’000 pesos 😩 I was really happy when they told me that I can now dave 1’000 pesos for the express lane fee and can come few days later to get back the Passport with the stamp but after few months they told me they stopped it already because so many were complaining about it..
    I want to share to you guys if you want to extend your Visa in Cebu there’s another Immigration in Gaisano Mactan, LapuLapu it’s in the new Building I always extend it there it takes me around 15-30 min with everything! Because there are not always a lot of Peoples unlike at the Main Office they are really friendly at the Main Office but the crowd it’s horrible 😩
    Hope I was a little Helpful because I know some peoples like to be prepared before coming to visite the Philippins just come always 3-5 days earlier to avoid Penalty

  20. Great information here.I am leaving for the Phil’s on January 27,2019 from the USA and was confused a bit about what I was reading about a visa to go there on the internet.Obviously,I do not need to get a visa before I leave here since they stamp your passport at the airport in Manila for your visa,and if you want an extension,you just need to tell the immigration officer before he stamps the visa in your passport.
    How long of an extension can I get? I plan on staying until April 24,2019.I have a return flight and a valid passport good until 2028.Also,my flight arrives at Manila airport at 10:50pm.Will immigration still be open at that time so I can get my visa,and will there be a money exchange open so I can get Philippine money?
    Thank you all for your posts here.You cleared some things up that I needed to know.

  21. Wow great information thank you. My Filipina wife and I will build a house here in Cebu. She is working in the states I am retired and want to stay here long term. I arrived on a 30 day visa. What kind visa options are available for me. I know that is a big question. Maybe I should go to immigrations in mactan as above. Does anyone have any input?

  22. The process has gotten easier over the last few years. You really cannot put a price on it. For instance my last two extensions was 6 months and 4 months. My six months was around P4500. My last trip was for 4 months as I have stayed here for 3 years and now have to leave the country on a visa run. For my 4 months they charged me about P7000. I don’t know all the limits on this but eventually they make you get an I-card which is fairly expensive ($50 plus all the micro-managed fees which comes out to about P5000 extra). And at one time I have to give them my left arm… well, my bio-metrics which at sometime they will require if you stay long enough. They only require that 1 time if I remember right and it was 8 or 900 pesos when I had it done. And this is probably the main reason the process has gotten so much better. When I first came here they would require photos and I think finger prints. The application was long and they required you to tell them about who you was with or at least they did in Tacloban. They didn’t require it when I was in Angono. They seem to be kind of strict in Tacloban at times.

    The point is, again, you really cannot put a price on what you have to pay when you walk in there.

    I have been in and out of the Tacloban office in 15 minutes for the extension process. Problem is I live a about 3 hours away so the entire process is still a bummer. It will kill an entire day, pretty much, because the long trip wipes you out.

  23. Hi, I arrive in the Philippines in March. I already have an onward ticket. My question is do I need an onward ticket to extend the visa. I have the ticket so I can even arrive, but if I wanted to just cancel that ticket after arriving and keep extending my visa every month, can I do that? Thank you so much your guide has been extremely helpful to me!

  24. Cody, Once you get here, you can keep extending and not have to show them an onward ticket. The onward ticket is required by the airlines 100% before they will let you board the flight. Immigration requires it, but rarely asks to see it when you arrive here in the Philippines. When you go to extend, the onward ticket is not required. Good luck and enjoy your trip, my friend.

  25. My visa expires on 17 March. I assume I need to renew at least 1 day beforehand? What happens if you show up on the day it expires?
    I usually get 1 year as I am married to a Filipina, but this time I had to go home early by myself cos my mother passed away. The lady at immigration was insistent that I could only get 30 days when I returned, with no option for an extension at the airport. I am pissed off that I could have got an extension on arrival.

  26. Steve, I’m guessing you would be Ok if you show up on the day it expires, but I wouldn’t. Here in AC they process it within a few hours so you get your passport back the same day. I always go at least five days before the expiration date. Perfect example was when I went in January. They were supposed to be open that day after New Year’s, but they weren’t. Everyone had to come back the next day. If I were you, I wouldn’t wait until the last day, my friend.

  27. I’m about to get my 1st extension. I arrives in Cebu March 2 and they didn’t ask me when or how I was leaving, just stamped my passport.

  28. Thanks so much for your advice it was really helpful! I think things have now changed because I’ve just come from the Cebu office and the non-express Visa now takes 15 days to be completed. One official said 15 days and the other said 15 working days but either way that’s a long time! I’d reccomend paying the extra 1000 pesos for a same day express visa unless you plan on staying in the Cebu area for 2+ weeks

  29. You will find that the visa extention prices vary from day to day. A one month extension back in mid 2018 ran for p1430 2 months ago it cost p2530. I have paid as much as 3500for a 2 month which is supposed to be only 500 more than the one month extension. The price Tomorrow? Your guess is as good as mine. Been here over 3 years and watched the process. Each time I renewed the price was different. It may be due to time of the year or tourist load. There is a reason it is called the fee-lippines.

  30. I went today in cebu city at 8am. was out 8.45am with passport and 29day extension. nice and easy :)

  31. Hi all,

    I’m relocating next month from LA to Cebu. Regarding the onward travel ticket issue, the website for the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles says this:

    Purchase your flight ticket (“ticketed reservation”) only when you get your visa approved.

    A flight reservation can either be:

    (1) Confirmed Reservation – a reservation has been created but the reservation is on hold as shown by a flight itinerary ; or

    (2) Ticketed Reservation – reservation has been finalized (usually by payment to the airlines) as shown by a flight ticket which has, among others, the unique ticket number, and the bar code /QR code which airline staff scan before you are allowed to board the plane.

    If I’m understanding this correctly, I think you can simply make a reservation without ever actually buying a ticket. To figure out how this can be done(I had never heard you could do this), I called American Airlines(my first leg is with them) and spent a little while trying to explain to the Philippine requirement for having an onward reservation or ticket when you board the plane to Manila. She told me that it is possible to make a reservation online that will be held in their system for a max of two days(depending on when you book it-more on that below), that will be able to be pulled up in their system during that time, WITHOUT actually paying for the ticket. The reservation will have a reference number, and will disappear if not paid for by the end of the hold period- BUT, if you time it right, you will have a flight reservation that the airline can pull up when you check in, that you never have to actually complete with a purchase. This seems weird that the Philippine Consulate would give advice for a workaround to its own rules, but there you are.

    Back to making the reservation and how long it’s good for: she said that usually, it’s only in the system for 24 hours; BUT, if you make the reservation a few minutes after midnight, it will stay in their system that whole day PLUS the next day before disappearing.

    Not sure if this all makes sense(I’m tired), but I am going to try this on my upcoming flight and will update y’all with what I find out. Wish me luck!

  32. Sorry forgot a couple things:

    First, I should ask does anyone have experience trying this? Since that would be good to know before I show up and step in it

    Second, my specific plan is to wait till my 1st leg layover in Tokyo is almost done, go online and make a random reservation(without completing payment) for a flight a few weeks later from Manila to Bangkok or whatever, right before I check in for my 2nd leg Tokyo to Manila, so I have the reservation locator number in their system and print that out. As that’s about a 4 or 5 hour flight, it should be good long enough to both board my final leg to Manila and get the 59 day extended visa on arrival someone else mentioned(Consulate website also said you can do this). Anyone have feedback on this idea?

    Here’s the consulate link:

  33. Hello this is Marites Laluna. How to apply extension visa? Do I need to go there immediately or I would make an appointment?

  34. We got married to my fiancee on September 18,2019.He arrive at August 29 ,2019 he want to stay more 1 month is Philippines how much he need to pay for the 1 month extension for staying?just asking information because I’m from bohol I really don’t have idea how much we need to pay extra 1 month to stay.

  35. •••My first trip to Cebu I arrived on March 6th and asked for the 29 day extension immediately. An officer took me to the side and an official took my passport and 3,000 pesos, and witching 5-10 minutes they gave me a receipt and my passport stamped May 04, 2019.
    •••I have now returned to to Cebu on July 31st, and again I asked for the 29 day extension, which was given til Sept 29th.
    I need to have my Visa extended another month because my return flight isn’t until Oct 24th.
    Can anyone give me information on this?
    Does seeking the second extension work the same as those seeking their first 29 day extension?
    Any helpful information is much appreciated.

  36. ALSO, I am marrying my Filipina Bride next Tuesday August 27th. Does that make a difference when extending my Visa for the 3rd month?

  37. I am Swedish married to filippina , but we are seperated but still married on paper, do i get one year visa when i enter the Philippine alone ?

  38. From what I understand, you must have your Filipina wife present when you transit immigration at the airport, for the balik bayan visa. I’d show them my marriage license and see what happens, my friend.

  39. usually you can pay an extra 1000 pesos for the fast lane.

    every time i go to manila immigration office it takes max 20 minutes to get everything done.

  40. December 12th 2019.
    I just got a 2 month visa extension at Gaisano Mall in Mactan Cebu. I went there at 1pm and was out and all done at 1.45pm. There were 2 other people in line before me. I had to have a photo for the application form which you can get next door to the Immigration centre.
    If you walk past the main entrance on the corner and carry on down the main road. The Immigration centre is just on your right as you enter the mall.
    I paid in Pesos :
    Alien certificate of registration = 1000
    Head tax = 250
    Monthly extension fee = 300
    Emigration clearance certificate = 700
    Monthly extension fee = 1000
    Certificate fee = 500
    ACR i- card = 2538
    Legal research fee = 60
    Fast lane fee i-card = 500 ( there is no fast lane but haho )
    Fast lane fee = 500
    Fast lane certification fee = 500
    Total Paid 7848.00
    Very quick and very quiet with air con. No problems.
    Only Passport needed for me. I am from the UK. My visa is now extended till 13 Feb 2020 and the i- card is valid for 1 year.
    I asked for 2 months and they gave me 13th Dec till the 13th Feb which in my case is 62 days.
    I hope this helps someone in the future.

  41. Pls help me how much the penalty over staying American here in Cebu City. He got sick ang confine at the hospital here in mendero that’s the reason he did not pay his extension for much the cost of all to go back now in u. S

  42. my mother in law visa is expiring on the 4th of April 2020 . We are in Talisay City and we would like to know if we are allowed to travel to Mandaue J Mall to extended the travel visa as the government has set a lockdown everywhere. Is there a special pass that we need to apply to travel to the city and where can we apply the special pass?

    Your prompt reply is urgent

    Thank you

  43. Hi mam/sir..can i have your phone number and your office is open now? Plz msg me asap thank you..

  44. Good day,
    Is foreign spouse allowed to return to Philippines during lock down of COVID-19 procedures?

    Best regards



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