I Bought a New TV & the 3 Stooges Delivered It. They Turned My 55" LG Into a Leaning Tower of Pisa.
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I Bought a New TV & the 3 Stooges Delivered It. They Turned My 55″ LG Into a Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I finally broke down and bought a TV. The babies have been watching their ABC songs on an iPad but they always end up in a tug of war with the thing. Now, they can watch Coco Melon (Forrest G.’s favorite YouTube channel) on the big screen and I can review my 4K footage on a real TV.

Here’s the story of buying our new TV and getting it delivered and “set up”. Yes, this video sounds like I’m complaining but I’m merely telling you what went down and some of the small frustrations with daily life here in the Philippines. Listen, being a tourist is totally different than living as an expat in any country. To paint a picture that life is always perfect in Southeast Asia would be doing you a disservice if you’re thinking about retiring here.

The key takeaway from this story is that you have to exercise patience when conducting business and don’t bother complaining to employees or management over petty issues (No text/call that the TV was ready for pickup. Wasted hour over paperwork. Delivery drivers had no screwdriver (WTF?), did a jacked up “installation”, and blatantly asked for a tip.) Complaining in the Philippines is usually not going to get you anywhere. Just roll with the flow and enjoy the sunshine, my friends.

*A special Merry Christmas to my friends, The Three Stooges (I say that lovingly.) You guys pissed me off at first but are now making me laugh about the half-ass job ya’ll did of installing the legs on this here TV. But seriously, my friends. That damn TV could have taken a nosedive off the table and cost me 30,000 pesos or even hurt someone. Next time, please do a better job or just make the customer do it himself/herself. And for Pete’s sake, one of you jackasses GET A PHILLIPS’S HEAD SCREWDRIVER!!! If you can’t afford one, swing by here and I’ll issue each of you a basic tool kit.