I Feel Sorry for Joe Biden & Do I Smell a Boomerang Made of Shit Coming Our Way AGAIN?

Folks, I feel sorry for Joe Biden.

You’ll just have to watch the whole video to understand why.

It’s time for someone in his family to grab a set of balls and help the old gentleman. #SeniorCitizen

I just hope this isn’t part of the democratic party’s master plan to sneak Hillary Clinton back into the U.S. Presidential Race. Joe Biden has already said he will pick a woman as his vice-president. Seems like a game of political chess is being played: Get Joe Biden nominated. He picks Hillary Clinton as his VP running mate. Joe Biden then withdraws for health reasons. Suddenly, we’re dealing with the Boomerang Made of Shit AGAIN?

Somebody please tell me I’m wrong and things can’t work that way because I don’t know shit about POLITICS. I smell something already… #Democrat #Republican #BoomerangMadeOfShit #Criminal