iPhone Gets STEAMED in the Sauna - LIVE STREAM
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iPhone Gets STEAMED in the Sauna – LIVE STREAM

Join me in the sauna for a quick LIVE STREAM while I sweat out the impurities from about 652 bottles of beer. The iPhone lasted 14 minutes before it went into thermal shutdown and crapped out. I had to let it cool down and continue the conversation back in my room.

I wanted to let everyone know that Benny ThaMac (AKA Big Money Benny) has started a YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribed to his channel for some more crazy content.

iPhone Got STEAMED in the Sauna! TAKE 2

I was chillin in the sauna doing a live stream but the iPhone got too hot after 14 minutes and shut down. After it cooled for a bit, I was able to continue the conversation here in my room.