Jeepney Ride from Barrio Barretto at the Matain River up to Subic Town and Back

Join us on a Jeepney ride from the Matain River at Barrio Barretto up to Subic Town. The trip cost us 15 Pesos each ($0.30 USD).

We stopped by Johnny’s Bamboo Furniture Shop to check on our custom food prep table. It looks great! We had Johnny make one modification to the table and it should be delivered today in time for me to cook Spaghetti tonight.

For reference, you can take a Jeepney from Subic Town all the way to Olongapo for 23 Pesos ($0.45 USD). How can you beat that??

This video was filmed on a GoPro Hero 8 Black in 4K at 24 FPS. Here’s the camera settings if anyone is interested: Linear Mode, Wind Noise Reduction On, High Bit Rate, Stabilization High, GoPro Color Profile.