Just Use Your iPhone to Make YouTube Videos. You Don’t Need a New Camera. The LONG Explanation Why.

This video is basically a LONG talk (during my cooking show) about why you probably only need an iPhone for making YouTube videos. I get a lot of questions about cameras, how to edit videos, etc., so here we go…

This video was filmed on my iPhone 8 Plus, edited in iMovie on the iPhone, and uploaded to YouTube from the iPhone. Do you really need a $5,000 dollar mirrorless camera that shoots 8K footage (HUGE files) along with another $5,000 worth of lens? Don’t forget about a laptop that’s powerful enough to edit and save all that 8K footage. There goes another $2,000 right there. Don’t take out a loan and spend $10,000 on camera gear if you’re just trying to start a YouTube channel. Pull out your iPhone, hit record, and start filming. Edit the footage in iMovie (FREE app) on the phone, upload the finished product via the YouTube app, and you’ve got a video posted. Too easy. Stop watching expensive camera reviews and start publishing content.