LIVE from the Alaska Club – DANCE CONTEST

Chillin like a villain at the dance contest.

This video is Rated R on the Parental Guidance scale and RATED A for ACTION on my Intensity Scale. There’s no nudity in this video, but there are some uniforms that resemble bikinis.

YouTube seems to think that this video is not appropriate content for most advertisers. That don’t make no sense, YouTube. This is PERFECT content to advertise products for REAL MEN. The MEN who drive trucks, work outside in the rain, swing s hammer, push a wheel barrel, or carry a gun to make a living. REAL MEN love this content. Of course, you shouldn’t display ads for companies selling shit like skinny jeans. That’s a waste of time. REAL MEN don’t fucking wear skinny jeans. Want to get some clicks on ads? Put a Carhartt ad during this video. Put an ad for a 4-wheel drive Chevy or Ford. Put an ad for a bass boat. You’ll get some clicks. Why? Because REAL MEN love looking at beautiful women.