LOCKDOWN Day 5 – Is the Cure WORSE than the VIRUS? Working on My Tan & Drinking CORONA BEER.

I didn’t venture out today. I just didn’t feel like having to stop by the barangay and beg for a damn pass to get through the checkpoints. I’ll go through the process tomorrow when I need to get vegetables.

Join me for an informal discussion on whether or not the cure is worse than the Coronavirus itself. In my opinion, the worldwide lockdown has gotten way out of control. It’s time to hit the PLAY button and let the world start turning again.

This video was filmed on DAY 5 of the Luzon Enhanced Community Quarantine (March 21st, 2020).

During the video, I talk about how nobody is getting free food. I was wrong. A friend just sent me a photo of what she got for free down south of Manila. She got a bag with 2 kilos of rice, one cup of instant noodles, and a can of sardines to feed her entire family. That’s after standing in line for hours. This was a one-off food giveaway, according to her. It’s not an everyday food allowance. She said she doesn’t know when or if they will get any more free rations.