LOCKDOWN DAY 80 – Visit to Olongapo Immigration Office – 30 Days to Renew Visa After Enhanced Community Quarantine Ends

My Tourist Visa Expired During the Luzon Enhanced Community Quarantine LOCKDOWN

The policy says that if your visa expires during the lockdown, you have 30 days to update it ONCE the Enhanced Community Quarantine is lifted. As of June 1st, we transitioned to the General Community Quarantine. Therefore, the clock started ticking for me.

Olongapo Immigration Policy During Enhanced Community Quarantine

Olongapo Immigration Policy During Enhanced Community Quarantine Visa Extension

Had to Get a “Travel Pass” to go to Immigration in Olongapo

On June 2nd, we had to go to the Barangay to apply for a travel pass. It cost 50 pesos and we picked up the paperwork the next day. All the pass says is that I don’t have any criminal cases in the Barangay. It says nothing about Covid-19, health checks, etc. There were NO health check in order to get the “Travel Pass”.

The Trip to Olongapo

On June 4th, I ventured out in the Lamborghini, headed toward Olongapo Immigration Office. The checkpoint dividing Subic and Olongapo is still in place but the procedures were lax. I had my paperwork in hand but the Police didn’t stop us. Things had definitely changed.

Olongapo Immigration Office

I made it to immigration at around 12:30 PM and it had a sign saying they would reopen at 1:00 PM. There was one lady in front of me but by the time they opened there were about 10 of us foreigners at the office.

Closed for Cleaning

After a short wait I was submitting my paperwork. Unfortunately for my dumb ass, I didn’t bring enough money and had to hit the ATM machine over at SM City and come back.

Overall, it only took me an hour at immigration once I got my act together. It was a pleasant trip and I was able to get everything caught up until August. Big shout out to the folks working at Olongapo Immigration. I always have a positive experience when I go there.

I’m riding a tourist visa and came back into the country in March after a quick trip to Thailand. Make a note that I had to fill out two of the same extension forms; One to get caught up and one for the two months that will take me to August. I also had to renew my ACR card because it had expired during this lockdown.

How Much Does it Cost to Renew a Tourist Visa in the Philippines?

Here’s the cost breakdown for the first renewal to get caught up from April until June (2-month extension):

Particulars Pesos
ACR Re-Issuance (Adult) 250
Head Tax 250
Visa Waiver 500
Emigration Clearance Certificate 700
Monthly Extension Fee 500
Visa Waiver Application Fee 1,000
Monthly Extension Application Fee 300
Certificate Fee 500
ACR I-Card Fee 2,513.50
Legal Research Fee 80
Total Charges 6,593.50 


Particulars Pesos
Express Lane Fee (I-Card Processing) 500
Express Lane Fee 1,000
Express Lane Fee (Certification) 500
Total Charges 2,000 


Here’s the cost breakdown for the second renewal to get caught up from June until August (2-Month Extension):

Particulars Pesos
Monthly Extension Application Fee 300
Monthly Extension Fee 1,000
Certificate Fee 500
Legal Research Fee 30
Total Charges 1,830 


Particulars Pesos
Express Lane Fee 500
Express Lane Fee (Certification) 500
Total Charges 1,000


All in to get caught up until August cost me 11,423.50 Pesos.

I’m not complaining.

The good thing about the Philippines is that it’s pretty easy to deal with immigration. Just show up on time before your visa expires and pay the fees. Other countries require you to exit the country after a short period of time, renew your visa outside the country, provide bullshit paperwork, provide documentation from your landlord, jump through hoops, etc. Not here. Just report to immigration with your ass and your passport (in most cases when extending a tourist visa). Too easy.

Olongapo Immigration Office June 2020