Nana Hotel Bangkok Review & Tour

Here’s a look around my room at the Nana Hotel in Bangkok. I recommend this place. It’s located across the Soi from Nana Plaza. The check-in and entrance is behind the Hooters.

The walk-in rate is 1,690 Thai baht (about $52 USD). I booked my first nights on agoda and the rate was about the same. Many of the rooms have recently been renovated and are good to go. The pool area is nice but it closes at 7 P.M. every night. The staff are EXCELLENT. Many of the staff have been working at the Nana Hotel for decades.

The ladies told me that the hotel opened in 1964 or 1963 (can’t remember) and there’s a picture on the wall behind the check-in you can take a look at. Plenty of towels, GREAT water pressure and HOT water in the shower.

The only thing they need to improve on is the WiFi. It’s adequate, but frequently boots you off and is a bit of a pain.

It’s the best place to stay near Nana Plaza due to the overall experience being wonderful. The standard room rate comes with two free breakfasts. It’s a buffet-style breakfast that is ON TIME! Great way to wake up after a night of partying.