Went to the ice factory, but ice was UNAVAILABLE. Told my Filipina wife to buy pork for the stir fry, She bought chicken on the bone instead! Here’s a look at our market here in the Philippines.

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  1. i read in one of your post that you travel to malate and ermita areas .i grew up there ,when it was considered mini las vegas,without the casinos .we were alive at night and sleep during the day .be extra careful of “ativan” gang .they will invite people for free drinks or to join their party elsewhere ,but they will put tranquilizer in their drinks and robbed them.so many expats have been victimized since the 70’s .one japanese was left naked along roxas boulevard near US embassy .there are still evil people doing this crime .i live here in texas now ,but has a small condo in malate. in case you get into trouble in manila ,i have a very good friend there ,who is now a commandeer in one of manila’s precinct.be safe!

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