Our #GoFundMe Campaign to open a Bikini Wax Salon got #BANNED!!! #CENSORED #CENSORSHIP

For some reason, our GoFundMe Campaign got banned and was taken down!

The Overstay Road Saloon, Haberdashery, and Bikini Wax Salon project was well on its way to reality when GoFundMe dropped the hammer on us. We had already raised $2,109 USD out of the $8,675,309 USD needed to purchase a private island, build the bar, and open the business.

I still can’t figure out why the Skinny-Jean-Wearing Call-of-Duty Shit Heads decided that our cause was too sinister for their platform.

Apparently, it’s acceptable to raise almost 3 MILLION USD for homeless prostitutes, but it’s not acceptable for me to open a bikini wax salon?

Listen, I think prostitution should not be a criminal offense in the first place. This ain’t about the debate over prostitution. Just read my book called The King’s Chronicles and you’ll know my true feelings on the subject. However, in the State of Georgia, prostitution is currently ILLEGAL the last time I checked?

Therefore, GoFundMe allows fundraisers which directly support those involved in illegal activity? Obviously they do.

So, why in the fuck can’t I open a salon that specializes in shaving the vaginal areas of consenting women?

#vagina #bikiniwax #BrazilianWax #WomensRights #Feminism

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TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED TO THE CAUSE: I want to say thanks, my friends. I cannot message you now because they deleted the donor list. I can see your names from the email notifications, but it does not list your email address.