Past Boyfriends - What are Filipinas Used To?
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Past Boyfriends – What are Filipinas Used To?

The Guy I Call Tonyo

Let’s start out by discussing the Filipina who has had a Filipino boyfriend before. I’ll paint you a picture of him.

Now, this theory doesn’t apply to every male in the Philippines. That’s being stereotypical.

But, the type of boyfriend I’m going to describe fits damn-near every girl’s situation who I’ve dated in the Philippines. This especially applies to the girls who have a child and were never married.

I’m referring to their boyfriend from the barangay (community) who I call Tonyo (pronounced Tun-Yoh). Most Filipinas have a Tonyo in their past.

How do I know this? Experience.

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I always joke with the single moms when I ask them about where their baby’s father is. Most of them will say that the baby’s father is dead. When I first came here, I believed that story. But after about twelve girls told me that their boyfriend was dead, I started to realize it was a bullshit story.

He ain’t dead.

Where’s Tonyo?

Tonyo’s in the next barangay on the basketball courts.

He’s very easy to spot.

He’s got no shirt, no shoes, and no job. He likes to play basketball every day. He loves to drink Emperador brandy, Red Horse beer, and cheap Tanduay rum. His favorite thing to do is make babies and run away. His fucking name is Tonyo.

All of the girls burst out in laughter when I explain that to them. Why? Because they know I’m right on the money.

Tonyo has already pulled a hit and run and made a baby. Now, here you come (the foreign guy) to pick up Tonyo’s scraps and help the poor girl raise the kid.

There’s some good to Tonyo, though. You never have to worry about him interfering in your life or asserting his rights as the father. Tonyo’s too busy playing basketball.

The Rich-Old-Dead Foreign Guy

The second type of Filipina is the one who has already had a foreign boyfriend.

The girl had some rich German guy, 87 years old, who gave her money like it grew on a tree. She is used to the free money, never having to be romantic, and being catered to while chilling by the pool at the Marriott.

The old guy died of a heart attack so now she is on the hunt for an exact replica to continue the gravy train.

She’s spoiled, tainted, and lazy.


The Filipina who has already had a foreign guy for a boyfriend is worse than the girl with a kid by Tonyo.

The first question I ask any Filipina is whether or not she has already dated a foreign guy. If she says yes, then I move on. She is scratched off my list of potentials, permanently. I’m not competing with her past lavish lifestyle provided by the rich fucker from Europe. I’m the king. I don’t compete with anyone.

You will do better with the single mom if you don’t mind helping out with the kid. It’s not really a big deal over here because you don’t have to beg grandma to babysit. It’s implied. Therefore, if you want to spend some time with Ms. Single Mom, the kid can stay at home with the family.

Personally, for me, the best girl is the one with no kids and no previous foreign boyfriend. That’s really what you need to look for in my honest opinion.

Get on FilipinoCupid and start searching.

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  • Amer October 4, 2018, 9:28 am

    Single moms are good option if you are not looking to have kids with her because she has already fulfilled that desire once. And I wonder if you would find a girl with no kids and accepting to have no kids in future.

  • Dave March 8, 2019, 2:53 pm

    It appears the author here dates low class squatters…bottom of the barrel girls. Any foreigner worth something, is handsome and has money, will date a professional woman here. Leave the squats to the list foreigners here…poor foreigners date low class women here

  • Dave March 8, 2019, 2:57 pm

    Low class Flips belong with low class flips. Single mothers here are the ones John west rejects ! The lower class loser foreigners here are dumb and desperate so that’s all they can get….rich flips will laugh at them