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Here’s what I know about women.

New Facebook Hours = 0600 to 0700 – Filipinas Pissed Off = 2

It was time to severely limit this evil's grasp on my ladies. They ain't happy, but the laundry got done.

FILIPINA Wife #1 and Filipina Girlfriend #1 Cause Me STRESS!!! #StayAtHome #LOCKDOWN #QUARANTINE

Filipina Wife #1 and Filipina Girlfriend #1 were asked to translate some Tagalog over to English for me and my buddy Dennis. Their translation skills seem to be a bit off.

Filipina Kicks Foreign Guy Out of House + Foreign Guy Falls in Love with...

I'm going to start importing single-wide trailers to sell to expats in Southeast Asia. I had a long conversation with a gentleman in a bar a few days ago which gave me the idea.
Beer Run in the Stroller

I’m Out of Beer and Filipina Wife #1 Claims She Has NO MONEY! There’s...

Fatima committed an egregious offense against the good order of the Kingdom this morning. She let the King run out of beer!

Filipina Wife #1 Gets JEALOUS of Baby Mama #009 Over Some Lipstick?

They say #drama is what keeps you young. Or, maybe it's what causes gray hair. I'm not sure.

Filipina Wife #1 is PISSED OFF! She found out I spent her Piggy...

Fatima had no idea I spent her Piggy Bank money at the bar. Watch her reaction while she catches the PREMIERE of the video showing what happened to her beloved coins.

Drinking Beer with Filipina Wife #1’s Piggy Bank Money

Fatima wanted me to take the coins from her Piggy Bank and cash them in. I had a better idea...
Do Not Fall In Love With Bar Girls, Strippers, or Hookers

Do Not Fall in Love with Bar Girls, Strippers, or Hookers

When you come to the Philippines, stay the hell away from bar girls, strippers, and hookers. Make damn sure you don't fall in love with one and get married.

First Dates – What to Expect – Women in the Philippines

Let's fast forward to the part where you've met a Filipina online, you've flown all the way to the Philippines, and you're meeting her for the first time.