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Balut Philippines Drunk Karaoke

Dating a Filipina? Get Ready for Karaoke

When you finally travel to the Philippines and meet your Filipina in person, be prepared for karaoke.
Women in the Philippines Online Dating First Dates What to Expect

How the Ate / Kuya Factor Impacts Your Relationship with a Filipina

The Ate & Kuya are positions of power within Filipino culture. If you plan to date a Filipina, it's important to understand how this concept works.
Don't Forget the Pasalubong - Philippines - How to Date a Filipina

Don’t Forget the Pasalubong – How to Date a Filipina

The concept of pasalubong is basically that if you travel, you are supposed to bring back gifts for the family. Welcome to the Philippines.
Filipino Girls in the Philippines

Dreams of Filipino Girls

In my travels and experiences with girls in the Philippines, I have come to the conclusion that they all have one of two basic dreams.
How to Date a Filipina - Lazy Ass Brothers

Your Filipina’s Lazy-Ass Brothers and Their Daily Routine

During the initial conversation with a Filipina, I always inquire as to how many brothers she has, how old they are, and if they have a job or go to school.
Filipinas - Women in the Philippines

Don’t Date A Married Filipina! Your Freedom Depends On It.

Divorce in the Philippines is not common like it is in the West. It's very important to understand this concept because your freedom may depend on it.
How to Date a Filipina

Past Boyfriends – What are Filipinas Used To?

If you're trying to date a girl from the Philippines, you need to be aware of their past experiences with men. I'll tell you about some of their past boyfriends.
Do Not Fall In Love With Bar Girls, Strippers, or Hookers

Do Not Fall in Love with Bar Girls, Strippers, or Hookers

When you come to the Philippines, stay the hell away from bar girls, strippers, and hookers. Make damn sure you don't fall in love with one and get married.
Women in the Philippines Online Dating First Dates What to Expect

First Dates – What to Expect – Women in the Philippines

Let's fast forward to the part where you've met a Filipina online, you've flown all the way to the Philippines, and you're meeting her for the first time.
Philippines Jungle Stream

Best Areas in the Philippines to Meet a Nice Filipina for Marriage

I've traveled from Luzon to Mindanao and several places in between. I've formed an opinion about where to look for good girls in the Philippines.
Manila Travel Scam - Avoid the Horse and Buggy Ride in Manila, Philippines

How to Avoid Online Dating Scams – Top 6 Principles to Follow

Avoid online dating scams by following my 6 simple principles. I'll help you spot the fake profiles & scams so you can meet a real, beautiful Filipina.
Saddleback Leather Clutch Purse Medium Tobacco Review Women Ladies Outdoors Full Sunlight Vineyards

Online Dating – Women in the Philippines

If you're looking to meet a Filipina, check out Filipino Cupid & Date In Asia. I've met girls from both of these online dating sites.
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Why Choose Women in the Philippines?

Let me start out by outlining exactly why you should consider dating a Filipina. If you compare them to girls in the West, it’s like night and day.
Comfort Room - Philippines

How to Use the Toilet at Your Filipina’s Home in the Village

How do you, as a foreign guy, navigate the rudimentary restroom conditions when you visit your girlfriend's village in the Philippines?
Saddleback Leather Clutch Purse Medium Tobacco Review Women Ladies Outdoors Full Sunlight Cross Body Hip

Divorced & Over 40? You Need a Filipina!

Your story may be the typical one. You're a bit older, your wife divorced you and took everything, and you're broke. You need a Filipina in your life!

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