Pattaya to Koh Larn - Island Hopping & Beach Chillin'
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Pattaya to Koh Larn – Island Hopping & Beach Chillin’

Join us on our journey from Pattaya to Tawaen Beach Resort on Koh Larn Island here in Thailand.

I was actually thinking about Tien Beach and planned on getting to the Hard Tien Restaurant. For some reason, I got the two spots confused. When I walked down Tawaen Beach I couldn’t find the Hard Tien Restaurant. We stumbled onto the Tawaen Beach Resort and I’m glad we did! What a great little place to stay. We got our room for 1,500 Baht per night and it came with two free breakfasts. The WiFi is BLAZING FAST! I could live at this little spot, my friends.

I want to thank the staff at the Tawaen Beach Resort for taking good care of us. We certainly enjoyed our stay.

After one night, we decided to NOT go back to Pattaya for the end-of-Songkran blowout. Why would I leave this little island paradise with beautiful clear water for swimming, to get buckets of ice water thrown on my head all day? Nope. The Songkran activities are over for this crew. We ain’t leaving Koh Larn until Songkran is over.