Paying Back My Utang (Credit) at the Sari-Sari Store on the Mountain + Hamburgers and Chicken Feet

We got back from Subic Town and I had planned on cooking Spaghetti for dinner. I suddenly remembered that I owed 10 pesos ($0.20 USD) utang (credit) up at the sari-sari store on the mountain.

We saddled up the stroller and rolled out to pay the debt and get some hamburgers. Filipina Wife #1 spotted barbecue chicken feet on the grill and got a few to nibble on.

This video was filmed on a GoPro Hero 8 Black in 4K at 24 FPS. GoPro Settings: Linear Mode, High Bit Rate, Stabilization High, Wind Noise On, GoPro Color Profile.

If you’re interested in tasting these delicious hamburgers, here’s the basic directions to the little sari-sari store: Take National Highway and head North out of Barrio Barretto. Pass the Matain River. Pass Santa Monica Subdivision. Look for the Govic Tricycle Terminal on the right. Take that road to the right and head up to the top of the mountain. The little sari-sari store is on the left, across from a huge mansion with a view.