Race to BEAT THE #CURFEW with 12 Bottles of #CORONA #Beer in My Backpack #BARRIOBARRETTO #LOCKDOWN

You can see for yourself the conditions on the ground here in Barretto and Subic Bay. Tonight was much quieter than last night, with less tricycles. The authorities seem to be tightening the reigns on tricycles being able to operate.

This video was filmed on DAY 3 of the Luzon Enhanced Community Quarantine (March 19th).

I had to go pick up diapers, some food, and basic provisions. The line at Bizmart was too long to wait (18 people) and the supermarket behind The Coffee Shop closed at 6:00 P.M. I STILL wasn’t able to get my hands on some XL EQ Diapers! If I can’t get them today, I’ll have to choose from the brands at DiviMart.

I DID get my hands on two six-packs of Corona Beer, courtesy of my buddy Patrick! Thank you very much, my friend. I drank three of them delicious beers and then made my way back home.

Since there are no tricycles available, you have to hump it (walk). I made it home with 1 minute to spare on the curfew! It was a good thing I was wearing my Arc’teryx Brize 32L Hiking Backpack.

There’s nothing like a little E&E to get the blood pumping during a good old #PANDEMIC and #QUARANTINE.

Shout out to my friends down south of the border at the Corona Beer Brewery. I’m drinking an ICE COLD Corona as I type these words. About to go get the third one from the refrigerator.

Life is good, my friends.


At 12:00 A.M. on Sunday, March 15th, 2020, the METRO MANILA LOCKDOWN took effect.

At 12:00 A.M. on March 17th, 2020, the LUZON ENHANCED COMMUNITY QUARANTINE took effect for the entire island of Luzon. The Luzon Quarantine is scheduled to end on April 13th, 2020.

In addition, here in Subic we are under a MANDATORY 14-Day Home Quarantine.

The Country is also under a State of Calamity for six months.

It’s a challenge to keep up with what’s going on, but the synopsis is to stay home unless you’re going out to get food, medical care, or to go to the bank.

Bars are closed, restaurants are offering takeout orders only, and several hotels have already closed. Public transportation has been suspended so there is a lot of pedestrian traffic.

Don’t worry about us. Filipina Wife #1, Forrest G., and myself are secure here in the Penthouse Suite.

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