Sony RX100 V Unboxing Video – Quick Overview of What’s Included

I picked up the Sony RX100 V while traveling in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It cost me 3,999 AED which is around $1,089 USD.

Sony RX100 V Unboxing Video - Front of Box
Sony RX100 V – Front of the Box

The Sony RX100 V lists for $998 USD on Amazon.

That’s cheaper than what I paid but when you’re traveling the world it’s sometimes difficult to find particular products. Therefore, when you get your hands on what you’re looking for, you had better buy it. The next nation you travel to might not have any in the entire country.

Also, you often get hit with a huge import tax when ordering things online. In Thailand for example, the import fees and taxes equate to around 40% of the product’s value. The UPS guy collects the money in baht (cash) when he delivers the package. So, even though the product may be more money in a local retail store, you actually end up paying less vs. having it shipped in from the States. Just food for thought if you plan on becoming a world traveler.

Gear Shopping List

Here’s what you need to get started with the Sony RX100 V:

I carry my Sony RX100 in the Indiana Gear Bag by Saddleback Leather – $265 USD.

Sony RX100 V Unboxing Video - Side View of Box - Specifications
Sony RX100 V – Technical Specifications
Sony RX100 V Unboxing Video
Sony RX100 V – Everything that’s in the Box
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