Suicide Prevention Talk for MEN. Wife Left You? Lost your job? Put Down the Gun & Give Me Two Hours.

My friend, If you’re down on your luck and feel like life has backed you into a corner, let me help you. I want to talk to you. Give me two hours of your time and let’s share a beer together. If this talk doesn’t help you, please seek professional help at your nearest medical facility. Here is a number you can call if you’re in the United States: 1-800-273-8255. You can also visit this website for more information:

For my subscribers: This video is about a serious topic and it may not possess the entertainment value you’re looking for and have become accustomed to seeing on my channel. However, one of the reasons I write and post videos is so that the younger generation can learn from my mistakes, philosophy, and experiences.

This video is intended to invoke thought in anyone who’s down on their luck, and provide them with some hope and reason to persevere and carry on. I’ll run it as a PREMIERE so that I can LIVE CHAT with everyone. Got a buddy who just caught his wife or girlfriend cheating? Have him tune in. Know someone who is headed toward bankruptcy? Send him the link.

The video is geared toward men, but the philosophy applies equally to the ladies as well.

Anthony Bourdain fans: I’m going to talk about why Anthony Bourdain wins the ASSHOLE OF THE CENTURY AWARD for hanging himself with that damn bath robe. I loved the guy as well, right up until he pulled that shit in France and traumatized dozens of innocent people with his last act. If I decide to stop cursing, I will just use “Bourdain” in place of the word “asshole”. Don’t be a Bourdain.

I look forward to reading the comments on this serious topic.