Taking Out the Trash in the Philippines

My wife tried to dump our trash in the jungle. I had a better idea. I dumped it off on corporate America, instead.


  1. There could ( ? ) , be a deposit on all bottles and cans in the Philippines. As in a 20 peso deposit on your next can of Coke. The foreigners can then throw their empty water bottles , empty juice bottles , etc , on the sidewalk and it would be collected Of course that way the poor people can retrieve your plastic water bottle or tin or aluminum empty can of Coke and collect the deposit money when they returned it. As is in Cambodia. Also as is in North America and Europe.
    It’s disgusting how the Filipinos throw their garbage in the rivers and in the jungle. But then again there’s no deposit on their beverage containers. Whose brainchild is that ?
    I’m asking how was it possible that there not be a deposit on beverage containers , in Philippines ? Of course the answer to my question is: Economics.
    Mark , can you supply us with a more detailed answer ?
    Also if you don’t mind Mark , could you please speak a little quicker in your videos ? This vid about throwing out the trash , was to long
    to finally get our answer. Regardless , keep up the good work.
    Especially can you do anything about this garbage going everywhere , in the jungle , in the rivers , in the Philippines… ?
    Thank you so much.

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