The Difficult Path is More Rewarding
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The Difficult Path is More Rewarding

The Challenge

After bicycling for about five kilometers, I had to make a quick decision.

I could turn right and enjoy a nice, leisurely ride back to my home, or, I could continue straight. That would take me over a steep incline. It was a big hill to tackle, especially since I’d already been pedaling for a while.

I was tired. My legs were screaming to take a right.

I started to ease over in that direction when I caught myself.

Wait a minute. My legs aren’t going to tell me what to do. I’m going to tell my legs where we’re going.

With that, I ventured up the hill.

I had to stand most of the way and summon my last bit of energy. When I made it to the top I was winded and out of gas. It didn’t matter because I had won.

I felt a huge sense of accomplishment over that simple achievement.

Forget About Failure

What was the worst possible outcome had I failed?

I would have either had to push my bicycle to the top or just turn around and coast back to where I started. I had nothing to lose.

There is no uncertainty in my mind now. I know I can take the hill anytime.

If you always take the easy way out in life, you will be left wondering what might have happened.

Whether you fail or succeed, the difficult path is more rewarding.